Visit Doug The Dog Daily!


Did you know that once you’ve earned your Crown of Wonder on Arte’s Gem Hunt, there’s more you can do with your gems?




Visit Doug’s Collector’s Room in the Webkinz Classic Clubhouse to find Doug the Dog. Once you see him, click on him.

Don’t forget–we have updated the game so that he now ALWAYS appears in the room!



He’s looking for gems, and if you have what he’s looking for, he’ll trade them for special prizes!



If you don’t have what he’s looking for, you’ll get KinzCash instead. Each prize you get is better than the next one, but make sure you’ve collected lots of gems before going to see him so, you’ll always have what he’s looking for.



Once you’ve received all the prizes from Doug, you can use a different pet to visit the Clubhouse and start trading gems for prizes all over again!




Have YOU ever traded gems with Doug the Dog? Let us know in the comments below!


36 Responses to Visit Doug The Dog Daily!

  1. mintfudge says:

    I have so many pets, I wish I could remeber which one I used so I can stick to a collection. I wonder if by contacting support they would be able to tell from the back end?

  2. 12hope34 says:

    Hey! I just want to make sure I understand, it needs to be with the same pet per visit for the prizes to start upgrading in other words? Gracias :)

    • Hyperborea2 says:

      Yep. If you have enough gems saved up, you can take multiple pets on the same account to see Doug, one after another. But each pet is on their own individual prize track.

  3. KSC says:

    Yes, I’ve traded with Doug. I’m currently on my 3rd round of trading.

  4. sunnyten10 says:

    Why isn’t Doug in the room from 12:00am – 1:00? That’s the time I want to visit him.

  5. piggitime says:

    Just want to add to the support for Doug being full time and accessible when we have time to trade. I’d like to see more things made available involving the gems. Some time ago, I think it was the food item contest, there was a group of cookies, I think, based off the gems; it was AMAZING, and tragically it did not win. BUT. Imagine it as one of these popular and prolific floor tiles. We NEED this. There needs to be a good, detailed changing floor tile of the gems from the mine. I’d love a selection of them, an entire theme — mixed gem tiles, but also individual ones, like all of the green as a tile, another all of the red, and so on. I’d also like to see individual gems as stand alone room items of a decent size. You know, like the pink crystals you get in the Magical Forest, only mine gems instead. (And speaking of those magical forest crystals, isn’t it long past time for there to be blue ones or the green, or purple or clear available like the pink ones???!!) In fact — I was just inspired here, so I’m going to make this a novel — we have bake sales, and veggie fest and other specific themed festival events. Why not a Gemfest? Arte’s out of town right now, right? (in the new game, but roll with me here)… To promote interest, The Curio Shop could sponsor a Gemfest. Floating gems, maybe a mult step challenge, new gem prizes *cough* such as mine based changing gem tiles and stand alone gem items*, maybe finally give those gem cookies the debut they deserved. GemFest. GemFest needs to be a Thing. Please give us a GemFest in all its potential glory.

  6. jnbonin4 says:

    I really like that Doug is there all the time because when I went on there before looking for him, I could not find him. I really like the prizes I got so far. I really want to get the trophy and chair. Thank you for showing us what the prizes are. Now I am really looking forward to getting and trading more gems!

  7. StarrLoop says:

    Thank you for making it so easy to find Doug. I am limited on screen time each day and it was super hard for me to ever get to find him. Now I am having a lot of fun collecting all the cool gem stuff from Doug! :) I even made my own gems room and yard with my stuff so far. Thank you Thank you Webkinz team!! You are awesome!

  8. Elfinlike says:

    i have traded gems with Doug very often! I have a room of ‘Doug’s Prizes’ from the challenge you did before, so now I am just adding to the room! I think this is a lot of fun! Thank you!

  9. mfaull says:

    I honestly liked it better when I had to search for Doug. It was a fun challenge then to collect his prizes.

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