Visit Mayor Goober At The Kinzville Park!



Mayor Goober is handing out gifts at the Kinzville Park on Webkinz Classic. Visit him from now until July 16, to get a gift each day!


There are four prizes to collect: A Kinzville Science Fair Trophy, Science Fair Desk, Erupting Volcano Experiment and a Student Lab Coat:



Every gift contains one random prize, so visit Goober every day during this event, for the best chance to collect all four prizes!


Which prize did you get from Mayor Goober today? Let us know in the comment section below…


15 Responses to Visit Mayor Goober At The Kinzville Park!

  1. Pupz says:

    Does anyone know how to visit the Kinzville park in classic?

  2. Pupz says:

    Does anyone know how to go to the Kinzville park?

  3. wildchild07961 says:

    I do not know where to send you messages Mandy ,Sally Please tell me they are going to have the cow in next for 120 Diamonds I have saved my Diamonds for that reason I could not get it last year did not have enough so I have waited all year to get it I am disappointed if you are not doing it this year Please Please sell the cow for 120 Diamonds

  4. megamom12 says:

    I got the Lab Coat!

  5. hermitcrab says:

    Got the trophy :)

  6. hofo says:

    I wish they would let free players build new rooms in their house. I have sooo many new rooms I would love to design

  7. slk says:

    I have to say my expectations were MUCH too high for the science project. You can barely tell anything is happening it’s so small.

  8. alucard says:

    Love these prizes! I wish they would make a new room theme about Goober and all his science items. It would go so well with the school theme. They could put all the items we’ve been given while Goober has been the Mayor in the theme, and we could buy as many as we wanted. Maybe have a Science Fair wallpaper and flooring? More animated experiments? And, since it would be a “school” theme, let everything be for KinzCash and not Deluxe or ePoints. Come to think of it, ALL the items for the school theme in the WShop should be KinzCash only! The School theme should be for ALL players, including Free Players. :-)

    • caseyspacey says:

      alucard They have the Kooky Scientist Rare Theme, which is retired, but i know you want a theme before he became a scientist. I second this that GANZ should make a theme about Goober Hauffenhauser’s early childhood.

    • alucard says:

      Thanks, caseyspacey! I would love to see a theme based on the early childhood of Goober Hauffenhauser. It could be a source of inspiration to budding new Scientist! Maybe a time when Goober was maybe teaching in an elementary school, or his first college class? I love all these little “experiments” Ganz/Team Webkinz are creating. Hope they can create a few more! :-) And, Thanks for telling me about the Kooky Scientist Rare Theme. I wish that they would bring back the “Retired” themes for those of us who missed out on them. They could put them in the Floating Marshmallow event, or for a Limited time in the WShop for KINZCASH! It could inspire players to play on Webkinz more! Creating various rooms is a huge part of the reason I love playing on Webkinz! I just dislike missing out on retired themes, or having to wait and struggle to find the “retired” pieces I want or need. However, part of the fun of playing Webkinz is the hunt for the retired pieces. It’s also a good way to make new Webkinz Friends! :-) UN: farout1

  9. pittiesrule says:

    I’m loving the new items.

  10. jeanenehea says:

    I won the Science Fair Trophy

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