Visit the Tulip Garden in the Clubhouse!


The new Tulip Pony is trying to grow beautiful tulips in its new tulip garden in the Clubhouse but someone is stealing the tulip’s bulbs! The pony thinks that it must be the Bad Fairy, Nafaria. It needs your help to see if we can catch Nafaria in the act! Visit the Clubhouse room to see if you can spot that Bad Fairy snatching tulip bulbs!


When you visit click on the Tulip Pony and it will give you a beautiful bunch of tulips you can plant in your pet’s room! You can get one bunch of tulips a day!



41 Responses to Visit the Tulip Garden in the Clubhouse!

  1. bonesbongo says:

    I love the new tulips with the red they are so bright and beautiful. Could you please make the RED & WHITE STRIPE TULIPS to be sendable on the next update.

    • Heyitsbrooke03 says:

      I believe it’s because they are more valuable than the others. They range in price if you resell them and the red and white is worth 500 kinz cash. That would be my only inclining as to why they can’t be sent.

  2. dwtsfan says:

    i love the flowers

  3. zebranana says:

    Love the new tulip colors. The bright red really stands out, doesn’t blend in with the pink. But as you might guess, I have a fondness for stripes and second gionfrid’s wish that both varieties could be passed.

  4. xhajanka says:

    has anyone caught the bad fairy yet?

  5. gionfrid says:

    The tulips are lovely but only two of the three are sendable? If this is a glitch, please fix–it’s the red and white tulips that can’t be sent!

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