Visiting Friends in Webkinz Next!

It’s easy to get around in Webkinz Next — not only can you explore all of Kinzville, you can also visit the houses of your friends with a click of a button!

Just open up your message center and find the friend you want to visit. I’m going to visit my buddy, Mandy Webkinz.


Just click on the Visit Home button to get started! You’ll land just outside your friend’s house.


Now you can go exploring! I love seeing how other people decorate their homes. If your friends have things like crafting tables or stoves, your pet can use them, as well!



Have you visited your friends yet?
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36 Responses to Visiting Friends in Webkinz Next!

  1. FridaysChild says:

    If someone visits my house and uses the stove or a crafting table, are they using my resources or their own? Does what they make go on my account or theirs?

  2. KSC says:

    I didn’t realize you could visit a friend’s home without their permission. I thought they had to issue the invitation or approve the visit request. I agree with Ruby09, I feel like an intruder. That said, I have visited homes when my friends are present, and that is a lot of fun! It’s a bit difficult to communicate because I don’t have type chat, but it’s still a lot of fun.

    • DangerX says:

      honestly i like being able to visit when they are offline, it gives me more things to do and i really like seeing peoples’ houses (usually when the person is online i never get to explore people’s cool places on my own because we’d hang out)

  3. Ruby09 says:

    Uh it kinda seems like breaking and entering when you just enter someone else’s home w/out permission from them ┗|`O′|┛

  4. Cloudsheeeep says:

    I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but I am not comfortable in having ‘friends’ pop by unannounced or without my agreeing, especially when I am offline from the game. Once someone asked to friend me, then just showed up, took a shower, walked around, played with my stuff. No hello, no nothing. So I went to their place and when I got back, they were gone. Not a pleasant experience, so I don’t like to agree to friend requests anymore in Webkinz Next. If there was a question to the friend they want to visit, with permission I would let them come over.

    • ILoveMice2 says:

      I agree and feel the same way. I don’t think ‘friends’ should be able to go into your home at will. I think permission should be given before anyone goes into anyone else’s home. I have felt uncomfortable the handful of times it has happened to me. Not taking anymore friend request as you suggested, just might be what I do next.

    • rockinrassberry says:

      I think that is hilarious! I like to go into other houses and see all their cool rooms. I feed their babies and get to see how cute they are! You know they can’t see you, right? It’s just an animated and anonymous game. You can always head over to the arcade if you don’t want to see them or just keep decorating… I hope I’m not someone that made you uncomfortable! I have so many fun rooms on Webkinz that I can no longer share with others, so it’s kind of nice to get to share on Next. IMO

      • Cloudsheeeep says:

        So, what I am understanding from your comment, @rockinrassberry, that if a player invites themselves over, I can see them in my house checking everything out, but they can’t see my pets? Where is the interaction of friends then? That kind of doesn’t make sense if they are ‘visiting their friends’. What is that teaching kids about friendship? Disregard other people and do as you darn please, because who cares? I’m glad you enjoy the hilarity. ; )

  5. padme67 says:

    Why can it work on Next and not Classic??????

  6. KarenaJ says:

    Why did room visiting stop being a feature of Webkinz Classic? I remember it but when we came back around 2018, it was gone. Why? I’ve never understood why it went away. Why can’t it be brought back? Tv’s didn’t work but now they do, not exactly as they worked before but I like how they just turn on now and change channel by clicking it.

    • sosotto says:

      Yea I miss that, I think it would be fun

    • webkinzplayer1212 says:

      Here’s the scoop on why we can’t visit our friend’s houses and the party packs don’t work anymore. A few years ago the first level of Adobe flash support stopped. Ganz/Webkinz had no control over that. Going to our friend’s houses and house party room packs needed flash for it to work. This past December flash support completely ended. That is also why we needed the desktop app to even continue playing the game. It is highly unlikely those features will return to classic. Perhaps Sally or Michael could weigh in on this issue. I miss those features but miss amazing Hamster World even more (another victim of flash :( )

  7. mfaull says:

    I hope you aren’t planning to phase out Webkinz Classic.

  8. unikitty11_ says:

    This is sad that we can’t visit friends house’s in Classic )’: And now Party Room Packs are gone too we can’t visit each other’s house at all )’: . So disappointing. I hope Webkinz will find a way to bring it back.♣

  9. unikitty11_ says:

    I love visiting my friends houses! It’s very fun! I wonder why we can’t visit friends house’s in Webkinz Classic? Maybe in the future we can visit friend’s houses in Webkinz Classic!

    • frozenanna2 says:

      I know!!!!!! I want them to bring that feature back, too!! Then we could explore each others houses! That would be really fun! Why did they take that feature out?

      • leaveitnow41s says:

        That feature never worked correctly in Classic. Kind of like parties.

      • unikitty11_ says:

        Ya. I wish we could explore each others houses. My house is very big too! I have too many rooms that I don’t even need. Lol. I wish they was a delete button so then I could delete some of my rooms that I don’t need. Lol, I have like 50 rooms, and I don’t even know what to do with them. Lol!!

        • frozenanna2 says:

          I know!! That’s so funny! I have rooms that I don’t even go in! LOL! except for my pets rooms, but that’s just because I wanna be the pet! Lol! I SO wish we could delete the rooms, and get a refund on it! That would be nice! I have a VERY huge house, too! My first thought for the parties are the same thing iamtntru . Every time someone invites me to one of they’re parties, I always feel bad cause it never works! :( have a great day unikitty11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

        • rockinrassberry says:

          One way you can utilize some of your unused rooms is to put items in them and label the rooms like..”awesome items to trade” or “room items for a …. room” or even store extra special food in refrigerators or clothes in dressers. The extra rooms can also be placed as to optimize the placement of your favorite rooms so you don’t have doors in places you don’t want them. When you go to the trading room, delete the things from your “trading room” so it will be in your New dock and easy to find! Then anything left over, just put it back in the room until next time.

  10. ManateeMilly says:

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if this was also an option for Webkinz Classic?

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