Vote Dr. Quack For Mayor!




Citizens of Kinzville! I feel fortunate for this opportunity to speak to you again.


My retirement from both the clinic and public service has allowed me time to relax, listen to my community, and gather my thoughts. While I’ve enjoyed the much-needed rest, I have also found a new sense of purpose. That is why I am campaigning to once again become your Mayor of Kinzville!


2020 will long be remembered as a year like no other. This is truly an unprecedented time. During these many months, I have heard my fellow citizens wishing for a return to the things which comfort them. To those who would include visiting me in the clinic as one such touchstone of nostalgia—I am deeply honored.


For those who might not remember, I closed my clinic after Goober and I found a cure for all pet sickness. I had thought my clinic work was over. I couldn’t see why Kinzville needed a clinic when pets were no longer getting sick. And then my eyes were opened.


Kinzville—like the rest of the world right now—could use a little more caring. That is why, if I am elected, not only will I return back to work as your mayor, I will also open my “Dr. Quack’s Caring Clinic” in the Clubhouse. This new Clubhouse room will be a special place where you can bring your pets to see me, hop up on my examination table for a much-needed Pet Care boost, and get a lollipop from me on the way out!


So, if you’ve been wondering “Where is Dr. Quack?” You’ll find me on the ballot running for Mayor of Kinzville between November 28 – 29, here on Webkinz Newz. Vote for me and we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other in the future.


Citizens of Kinzville, I’m ready to serve you again. Because I care.


– Dr. Quack



Right now you’ll also find me in the Kinzville Park every day between November 22 and 27 (Webkinz Classic web and desktop app only). Come by to say “hi!” and you’ll receive a special Webkinz Votes 2020 gift box that contains one of three prizes: A campaign hat, sign or plushy (limited to one gift per day).





119 Responses to Vote Dr. Quack For Mayor!

  1. elliepink3 says:

    dr quack!!

  2. catlady8 says:


  3. ilybella says:

    Im voting quack!!

  4. onesmarty says:

    That’s real lame. That’s the same as the theatre pop or airport treat. We click on you and get food? No thanks. If anything put the runway room back in the clubhouse.

  5. ReeceBingaman says:

    I vote for Dr. Quack

  6. itmustbenice says:

    I hope Dr, Quack Wins

  7. Granomy1441 says:

    I vote for Dr. Quack

  8. forest1 says:

    i vote for Dr Quack

  9. bkbauer says:

    Anyone have an extra Dex coin? My username is rainbowtwingirls. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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