WackyER Zingoz Arcade Challenge ON NOW!


Hey there arcade enthusiasts! The WackyER Zingoz Arcade Challenge starts TODAY—but don’t leave it to the last minute… You’ll only have until Sunday, November 15th (midnight, Eastern Standard Time), to complete it!



Here’s how to play. Starting TODAY, November 9th, look for the WackyER Zingoz Arcade Challenge icon in your pet’s room. It will be displayed along the left side of the room:



Click on the icon to review your tasks. There are 3 tasks you’ll need to complete by midnight, November 15th (EST) to earn all of the prizes:


  • Earn 250 KinzCash playing WackyER Zingoz at the Arcade
  • Spin the Wheel of WOW 4 times
  • Earn 50 KinzCash playing Zacky’s Quest at the Arcade



Complete all of the tasks before time runs out and you’ll win a pair of Wacky Sunglasses that your pet can wear while they ride atop their NEW Wacky Geyser!



Do YOU have any WackyER Zingoz game play tips? Let us know in the comments below!


48 Responses to WackyER Zingoz Arcade Challenge ON NOW!

  1. azhoutz says:

    I have those things.

  2. gingerdare says:

    The geyser is a ride! Your pet can sit on it and the water will shoot them up into the air. I really like this item, the only question left is how to incorporate it into a room……………

  3. Ajoy65 says:

    Hi, I’m a little off topic here. But I have a problem downloading Webkinz Classic to my ipad. I had it on before but an error came up re: the google play store. A message came up “Unfortunately google play store has stopped working”. I cleared the cashe but the message still came up. So I restarted google play store back to manufactures settings. When I tried, several times now, to download Webkinz again it comes up can’t download, error occurred. If anyone can help me out. Is there a different way to download to my ipad? I was able to download other games with no problems. I’m missing out on the mobile wheel. Help! Ajoy65 :)

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Are you on an iPad (using the Play Store) or an Android tablet (using Google Play)?

      • Ajoy65 says:

        I am on an Android tablet.

        • Sally Webkinz says:

          Have you ever been able to install it?

          • Ajoy65 says:

            Yes. It was installed for a year or more. When the message came up “Unfortunately google play store has stopped working”, I couldn’t get into the game anymore. It didn’t work when I cleared the cache etc. so I had to restart google play store to the beginning, manufacturer’s default. I was able to download other games like solitaire and avg free security, but when I go to install webkinz classic, it just keeps spinning at install and then eventual comes up couldn’t download error. Something like that. ???

          • Sally Webkinz says:

            Can you let me know what device you’re using and what version of Android you have installed? If you can grab a screenshot and send that to ganzworldsupport@ganz.com, that’d be great

  4. ImaPepper says:

    “If ya can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.” –Flower (skunk in Bambi) This should be a place where positivity rules–even when you are bringing an issue to the discussion. There is a WAY to say things, and a way NOT to say things. No one on this site should feel they are being insulted, picked on, or degraded in any way. Please put yourself in another’s shoes and read over your comments before hitting that “submit” button. Players can express opinions, but please be respectful!

  5. acoolaunt says:

    I love the WackyEr room by Sparky1109 shown above. What an incredibly clever design! Way to think outside the box :D

  6. lisag560 says:

    3 games of wacky-er to get my 200, 4 games of zacky just to get the 50! You can tell which is my weak spot lol! Thanks for the extra spin on WOW today!!! Love the prizes :)

  7. weeniesmom says:

    Hi, Sally, or whomever sees this–not sure where else to post. Having massive problems collecting ribbon unicorns today and yesterday. Blog page throwing 502 errors right and left. HELP.

    • percaroma says:

      Hello weeniesmom, I too have been getting 502 errors…it appears I am clicking pages too quickly for the system to keep up. Yes, it is difficult to slow down, but I am getting less of the 502 errors if I wait at least 30 seconds between page changes (IE: going from main page to article and going from article back to main page). I hope this helps!

    • jsforfr says:

      Same here, I was unable to ever complete my peek-a-newz yesterday due to the 502 pages. Seemed like for a while there that issue wasn’t happening, I was hoping it was resolved for good. Hopefully they can get it fixed again.

  8. bonesbongo says:

    I just completed the challenge. I love the Wacky Geyser, it looks incredible when place in a room. This is one of the best prizes I have received for completing a challenge. I hope that there will be more prizes as this one in the future. Thank you! Job well done to the designer the Wacky Geyser is AMAZING.

  9. Dr Quack Fan says:

    Quick question, Sally you told me “November 5, 2020 at 12:18 pm
    Just a heads up, Dr Quack Fan. Your comments are verging on spamming. Please dial it back or you will not be permitted to comment anymore.” what does spamming mean?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Posting excessively, in all caps and/or the same content over and over again.

      • StarrLoop says:

        I got a message to “slow down” even though I had not posted anything for days and it was my one and only post that week. Not sure why it said that to me. It still let me post but I was worried and didn’t post for a few days just in case.

  10. Blaine says:

    I wish the challenges went back to having no expiration. It’s a lot more fun to take my time and enjoy playing the games.

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