We Dug Out the Wooly Piglet!

We did it! We all worked together to save the Wooly Piglet from the snow hill that had trapped it by the Clubhouse during a freak snow storm. The Wooly Piglet will be heading over to Ganz eStore where it goes on sale on Christmas day, but not before thanking everyone in Webkinz World for helping to save it from the snow!


Visit the Wooly Piglet in the Clubhouse and click on it to get a prize snowy prize! And because there was too much snow to get to the prizes in the Clubhouse – the storm blew the prizes all the way over to Webkinz Newz!!! – we are extending this event until December 31.


And remember – you can also look for the Wooly Piglet at Ganz eStore where it goes on sale starting December 25.


87 Responses to We Dug Out the Wooly Piglet!

  1. Nabi1234 says:

    My webkinz name is Nabeehah9. Thank you so much!!!!!

  2. jr312 says:

    I agree I can not get my prize too many people just sit there for hours

  3. Furbyamy says:

    Hi everyone, Could someone please help me? I need to go in a bit and others are blocking me from clicking on the pig. Is there a way to get these things later?

  4. Gooseberrypatch says:

    criss999 He’s in the Wooly Piglet room over to the far right. Look for all the pets gathered there and you will know that is where he is, buried by them so you can’t get to him.!

  5. Gooseberrypatch says:

    I am disgusted with the rooms like the Wooly Piglet room. People are rude and won’t move for hours. I mean hours! I have come back up to an hour later and the same pets are blocking the piglet. Why can’t you set these rooms up like the Santakinz room? Make it so they have to touch the piglet and wait their turn. That way they can’t block the piglet. That or do as you have with Ms. Birdy. She is so tall that she can’t be blocked. There is always part of her to touch. Another solution is to set the pet up on something high that only one pet can be on so that something is showing to touch. Then if they try to block they can’t because the can’t completely cover the pet. Something really needs to be done. I am beyond frustrated and I can see from the other posts that I am not the only one!! If you have to as a final solution, have the floaties in the Webkinz newz section! I am deluxe and pay good money to play these games. It’s not fair that we have to go through all this trouble to win a prize!! Please help!

  6. eclipse07 says:

    It would be nice if people would move off him but if it’s like the santakinz room with the line people like to cut in front of me so that would not help.

    • Gooseberrypatch says:

      eclipse07 Even if the people cut in front of you, they still can not get to see Santakinz until it is their turn. They are wasting their time trying to skip in line.

  7. kaye10 says:

    hi all–ok could someone please tell us what the heck is the gift and if it is a left-over from recent years or something new worth hanging in for? Mandy–please, a little weighing in here would be so helpful!! I hope it is the cute guy’s food which will keep me trying, but this just isn’t working (yet…)… thanks and merry Christmas, k.

  8. alucard says:

    I was in the Wooly Piglet room and there were only 4 pets there. One of the pets was standing on the little piglet so that you could not see any part of him. I waited awhile to see if that pet would move, but it didn’t. I left and came back to the room several times during a 6 minute time period. The pet never moved. I had to leave my account and come back later in order to finally get to the pet! Had this same trouble with 3 of my 4 accounts. This is getting to be a MAJOR problem!!! Why are people being so rude? Is there nothing Ganz/Webkinz can do about that? Are these real players of the game, or are they just mean hackers? Please do something about this issue? It’s very frustrating when you can’t get to a host or a prize giving pet, because one or more pets are just standing there for long periods of time. Ruins the game for the players that play fair.

    • Resonatingthunder says:

      The players aren’t doing it on purpose.. it’s a glitch. If someone clicks on the host (like the piglet) then leaves the room, their pet may stay there. Thats why I always move my pet before leaving, just in case.

      • alucard says:

        Thanks, Resonatingthunder! I’ve never heard of a glitch like that, but it makes sense. I always move my pet before leaving a room, especially when there is a host there. Perhaps Webkinz Techs could put a little sign near the host that says, “Please move when finished”, or something like that. Glitch or not, it’s very annoying and makes it hard to get to the host, or in this case, the little Wooly Piglet.

      • Gooseberrypatch says:

        Resonatingthunder I always move my pet as well. But, I do believe that it is not all a glitch. I am sure many of them are doing it on purpose.

      • Sollace says:

        More people are moving their pet away from the pig.

      • megamom12 says:

        I wondered about that. I’m glad that I’ve been moving my pet as well.

    • Sollace says:

      Click on the pig as soon as you pop in. That’s the way I tag him.

  9. Alex99real says:

    I can’t believe the line to the piggy all the kind were hovering over him I waited 5 hours to get my prize

    • Sollace says:

      If you hover your curser over the area he appears — Then when you pop in click real fast. That’s the only way I’m able to click and get a prize. The white pig on white snow is behind the middle brick hut you can hide in. Just to the right behind it. Next time they do this he should go on a hill and no one can reach him. Or make him a pink pig on a white background.

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