Webkinz Christmas Gift Boxes!




Every year when players log in to Webkinz World on Christmas Day, they are rewarded with a special gift box, filled with festive prizes! A couple of years ago, we added the ability to visit Santakinz in the Clubhouse and make a wish for one of the presents! Here’s a look back at all of our Christmas Gift Boxes from Christmas past, including a sneak peak at this year’s! Make sure you remember to log in to Webkinz World this Christmas and get your special seasonal surprise!


87 Responses to Webkinz Christmas Gift Boxes!

  1. kj25360 says:

    i love the 2011 2012 & 2013 one! I wonder what they will design for the 2014 box!

  2. vernie24 says:

    I did not get my gift box!!!!

  3. granma4 says:

    I wish we could keep all the boxes after we get the gift. The boxes are always so cool sometimes I don’t want to open it.

  4. mpd211 says:


  5. gingerhorsez2 says:

    I love all the Christmas gift boxes! They’re all so pretty! My favorite is either 2005 or 2008.

  6. tammy9 says:

    I won a mistletoe mouse gift box for my daughter but everytime she goes to open it she is kicked out of webkinz world. please help.

  7. Laudiebeth123 says:

    i would love to have all of those

  8. jmb16 says:

    I remember most because I joined in 2007

  9. tabbykitten101 says:

    2010 box is totally the best box!!!

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