Webkinz Classic Fall Fest 2023!



Look for fall leaves floating across your screen and click on them to win prizes for your pets! This year’s event runs until September 30, on Webkinz Classic, so play every day for the chance to collect as many prizes as you can (limited to 5 prizes a day for free players, 6 for full and 7 for Deluxe).


Here’s a look at this year’s prizes:



If you want the chance to catch Fall Fest leaves while you are playing at the Webkinz Classic Games Arcade, open and close the WShop while you are playing a game, and you’ll start seeing them as you play!


Bottles of 2023 Fall Fest Soda are also be available at the WShop for eStore Points! You’ll find them in the NEW & PROMOS section of the shop.



Every time you feed your pet a bottle of Fall Fest Soda, you’ll win a prize! You’ll also have the chance to win this year’s grand prize: An Apple Cider Dispenser:



Click on the Apple Cider Dispenser for a free cup of Fresh Apple Cider every day!


What did you win today? Let us know in the comment section below…


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42 Responses to Webkinz Classic Fall Fest 2023!

  1. kendra1716 says:

    If anyone has an additional top. I accidently sold mine. Please send to kendra1716. Thank you!

  2. prxc says:

    add me if you have a spare grand prize, couldn’t luck out with my sodas- prxc

  3. mkd61_mkd says:

    BittyBit is your classic user the same as it is here

  4. mkd61_mkd says:

    Oops made a mistake and put down the wrong username. The user should have said mamakinz10. I sent a friend request so let me know if you still are looking for the fall pj bottoms

  5. dixiecup says:

    It seems that the pants for the pj set are the more rare of all the items. In all accounts I have way less than the tops or any other item. This gives me barely anything (for the set) to send to friends looking for these cute items.

  6. mkd61_mkd says:

    Hello BittyBit if you are still interested in the PJ pants friend me at mkd61_mkd

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