Webkinz December Holiday Events! Sneak Peek!

A Toy Chase, a Bake Sale, Santakinz and so much more! This December, we’ve packed Holiday fun into Webkinz Classic and Webkinz Next.

Which event is YOUR annual favorite?

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53 Responses to Webkinz December Holiday Events! Sneak Peek!

  1. travestyb says:

    Having problems with the December Wshop Challenge in Classic. For this pet and another (TravestyT), when I purchase 3 items it is only accounting for 2 and I have to buy a 4th to get credit for purchasing 3 in the challenge. I have the kinzcash for my pets, so no issue for me — but I wanted you to be aware of the problem

    • travestyb says:

      Actually, this pet ended up buying 5 items to get it to work. I’m thinking that buying two of one items is not counted? TravestyT bought 2 of the lamposts and only got credit for one purchase, and so bought an additional item. But TravestyB bought 3 different items (wishing well, swing, and tree), then bought a duplicate tree, and then had to buy another item (snow flooring) to get credit for 3 purchases on the challenge

      • travestyb says:

        So, I think I found the problem? One of our other travesty pets only bought the christmas tree and it didn’t count toward the challenge. That would explain why TravestyT was one short (bought one tree) and TravestyB was two short (bought two of the tree).

  2. Sollace says:

    The barn theme is nice. And a new Christmas tree! The wagon!! Very happy with this part of the Christmas festivities!

  3. caseyspacey says:

    Just thinking about this and was thinking that GANZ should put the candy cane collection event in July if there not too much going on that month it would be great to see the other side of Christmas.

  4. alucard says:

    @Sally Webkinz – Here’s a thought. Maybe there are too many events going on during December in Webkinz World. The Candy Cane collection is doable, but having to spend extra time on a computer during all the “real life” activities that go on in December, is not helping people enjoy Webkinz. I personally don’t care if Next gets all the newest and best games and stuff. I would just like Webkinz to STOP taking Classic items/games/events/etc..etc..away from Classic Webkinz! I don’t care if Next gets a Candy Cane Collection event, but DON’T take it away from Classic! There are several events in December that could be done in less busy months. Why have the Snowy Retriever (again…for the third time!), in December? Why not June or July? Why not have a different Medallion pet instead of the Kiwi or Snowy Retriever? And, I know…we can use our 100 medallions on other pets. (100 medallions = 10 medallions for another pet! Not exactly a “win-win” trade.) Please be fair here, for both Classic AND Next! I don’t like Next, but I am happy that there are many Webkinz players that do! I wouldn’t Webkinz Next from any of them ever! There is room here for ALL Webkinz Players. Please don’t take things away from Classic Webkinz.

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