Webkinz Halloween Events 2018



Halloween is almost here and you won’t want to miss a thing! Click on a button below to learn about upcoming Halloween events in Webkinz World:


UPDATE: The Jack-O-Lanterns have started floating in Webkinz World. Because this event started late, we will be extending it to October 22nd.


Do you have a favorite Webkinz Halloween event? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below…


25 Responses to Webkinz Halloween Events 2018

  1. bluebassett says:

    Hey moonkey1115 I agree they should have the floating pumpkins through Halloween, because a lot the members are in school and they don’t have enough time to catch all of the pumpkins per day so they won’t have complete costumes.

  2. moonkey1115 says:

    I just realized the Jack-o-lanterns end on the 22nd. I’m so sad. I had assumed they’d go through Halloween. This is one of the most fun floaty clickies we’ve ever had in my opinion. I love how big the prize pool is! I don’t just get the same thing over and over

  3. pixeltrix5 says:

    where is clue 2?

  4. Michael Webkinz says:

    Hey guys, quick update… The Jack-O-Lanterns are now floating by in Webkinz World. Since this event started late, we will be extending it to October 22nd…

  5. Alphaowlbear says:

    This month is just jammed full of fun activities and prizes. I just listened to the new podcast and heard about yet another activity with the Little Goblins. If you haven’t started the Halloween and Deluxe Challenge yet, don’t wait too long – these challenges will take many days to complete.

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