Webkinz Moonlight Delight Promotion!


See full rules here.

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  1. WeezerFour says:

    Hello, the rules say that the Entrant (if a winner) will be contacted “using only the information provided at the time of Entry”. Does this mean you will contact the Winner at the email address on record for their estore account? The rules also say that “a return of any notification as undeliverable” will disqualify the selected Entrant. If you will be contacting the Winners via email, please advise what email address I need to add to my Address Book so that such notification will go directly into my inbox and avoid it being returned as “undeliverable”, or go into spam. Thank you!

  2. tonya80 says:

    Is there a way to tell how many entries you have entered?

  3. sonicblue says:

    so what if we are already a deluxe member. :(

  4. Tigermother says:

    Sent an email.

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