Webkinz Narwhal Unboxing Video!


We gave you a sneak peek at this pet in an earlier Webkinz Newz story, and now we’d like to present to you our newest Webkinz plush pet, the Narwhal!


Check out this unboxing video, revealing the Narwhal in action!



If you’ve been waiting for a truly unique creature to make a splash in your family of Webkinz pets, then the Narwhal will do nicely! This happily-horned underwater friend is pretty special, which is why they’ve been commemorated in a cool way–with their very own Narwhal Ice Sculpture! If you’re wondering what to do for them when they’re feeling starved, serve some Flatfish Fritters–it’s a snack they’re sure to snatch up!


Here’s a look at the Narwhal plush, along with all of the items you’ll get when adopting one:





Want a plush Narwhal all your own? This and other Webkinz plush pets are now available for order directly from the Ganz eStore!




What would you name this fantastic creature?


Enter our Contest here! Suggestions in the comments will not be entered into the contest.


Note: Contest closes at 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, December 2nd, 2018.


47 Responses to Webkinz Narwhal Unboxing Video!

  1. Sollace says:

    The link to enter the naming contest is broken. It just links to a blank page.

  2. oinkysara says:

    I see this pet to be named Nora Narwhal

  3. jayparkaomg says:

    I would name it Yada Yada

  4. unicornbrianna says:

    naz, winter, icey, rebeca, or spot

  5. catwebss909 says:

    this is defiantly a Nancy

  6. dianadoodlebug says:

    So cute! I definitely want one!

  7. polo says:

    definitely a natieile!

  8. chanticleer3100 says:

    I’d name it marlin

  9. dianadoodlebug says:

    I definitely want this plush! I’d call it Nash!

  10. FoxesRule612 says:

    Is there not gonna be any plush pets for January?? It’s January already—there’s been no announcements about any plush pets for this month here nor on the Ganz Estore Calendar.

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