Webkinz Newz Week Starts Today!


Are you ready to start your assignment? Webkinz Newz Week starts today, November 21, and runs until midnight, Friday, November 27. There are two parts to Newz Week: You can visit the Clubhouse to collect prizes and there’s also a special Newz Week Challenge to complete.


Head to the Clubhouse and look for the Webkinz Newz Room. You’ll notice that Ella McWoof is busy at work, covering all the hustle and bustle of the Kinzville mayoral election.



If you click on Ella, she’ll give you a special Webkinz Votes 2020 commemorative coin. There are four coins to collect, each featuring one of the mayoral candidates. You’ll only be able to collect one a day, so make sure you visit Ella McWoof every day during Newz Week for the best chance to collect all four coins!



You can also watch a short video about this year’s election by clicking on the Podkinz booth, featured in the top corner of the Newz Room. The first time you watch the video each day, you’ll be awarded a special Webkinz Votes 2020 banner that you can display in your pet’s room.



Once you’ve finished collecting your prizes in the Newz Room, you can start your special assignment covering the mayoral election for the Kinzville Times! Click on the Newz Week  Challenge icon, featured on the left side of your screen, to review your tasks.



There are 3 tasks that you’ll need to complete, in order to finish your assignment:


  • Earn 160 KinzCash playing Tile Towers
  • Win 4 games of Dogbeard’s Bathtub Battles.
  • Feed your pet 4 cans of Fizzy Newz Soda


You will only be able to find cans of Fizzy Newz Soda at WebkinzNewz.com. Look for the floating can of soda and click on it to send it back to your account. You can drag a can of Fizzy Newz Soda onto your pet to feed your Webkinz.


If you manage to complete your assignment by midnight, November 27, you’ll win a Webkinz Votes 2020 Podium and a special coin box that you can use to store the coins you collect from Ella:


Webkinz Newz Week ends at midnight, November 27, but don’t forget to vote for your favorite mayoral candidate the following day. From November 28 – 29, look for the Webkinz Votes 2020 article at WebkinzNewz.com and click on the link to vote. You can only vote once, but every vote counts!



Who would you like to become the mayor of Kinzville? Let us know in the comment section below…


55 Responses to Webkinz Newz Week Starts Today!

  1. Gamerdude58 says:

    I have gotten 3 DR. Quack, and 1 Alyssa coin. 3 days to get the Dex and Sophie Coins, oh what great odds! :)

  2. ChrissyRose429 says:

    Is anyone else having problems with the Bathtub Battles in the tournament arena? I tried logging out and logging back in, but nothing works. It keep getting stuck on the page with me and my opponent!

  3. butrym5 says:

    I click on the booth, but nothing happens. I click on booth and my pet walks over. Then I sit there. No video, no prize. I get stuck there. It’s been like this since day one. Anyone else having this problem????

  4. wyattblaxcell says:

    I clicked on both the soda and the silver reindeer today and neither prize was ever sent to my account.

  5. ilybella says:


  6. cottencandyminion says:

    Hi! I wasn’t sure where to put this. I am on level 9 of the strength class at the Kinzville Academy. I am having a lot of difficulties and was wondering if someone could please give me some tips? Thank you!

    • ilybella says:

      I noticed mine is pretty glitchy too! it seems impossible to complete!

    • doggy5 says:

      I on level 8 and having a horrible time so I’m impressed that you made to level 9! That gives me some hope

      • cottencandyminion says:

        @Doggy 5, I was Deluxe when I completed level 9 since I was given the opportunity to do the class twice a day. It still took a while but I some how did it. Keep trying and if you do it once a day, you will pass the level. It just takes a little bit of practice and kisses from my puppy! :)

    • lilstinky says:

      I’m having the same problem. It’s the only class keeping me from earning a diploma. Some have suggested using an older computer because the class will run slower, but it’s still too hard for me on my ten-year-old computer. I really hope Webkinz can do something to make the diploma achievable.

    • lovekeet says:

      I find that class really really hard – I haven’t been deluxe for awhile but even when I was I couldn’t get past level 8. Good luck!

    • emilyh9 says:

      I agree!! I wish one of the canidates would have helped with this issue at the academy… I see Sophie’s campaign talks about the academy so maybe she would fix it eventually? I am on level 9 strength and only have passed it 3 times (and failed MANY) haha.

      • nanamama12 says:

        Perhaps Miss Cowaline will run next time and we can see some improvements at the Academy. Someone once mentioned the tutoring being put back. I never investigated it at the time and then it was gone for some reason. Perhaps that can be addressed?

      • cottencandyminion says:

        @Emilyh9 You’ve passed it 3 times! That deserves a virtual high five: ヘ( ^o^)ノ\(^_^ ) I haven’t been able to pass it once yet. Hopefully over time I will!

    • Gamerdude58 says:

      You are not alone! I am also on level 9 and after probably about 20 attempts, I just had one successful class. It’s awful. The best trick I have come up with is just breathing every time Im supposed to hit the lift button, and releasing just before the bar hits the green (I have a theory that the blue bar will inch ever so slightly even after you release the lift button). It’ll take time, but hey, maybe in a 50 months I’ll complete the class, since I get about one success a month. XD

    • olivboi says:

      The class was made back when computers were super duper slow, so it’s really hard on newer computers. Some people will open a bunch of tabs or programs in the background to slow it down and others just… hope for the best lol!! It’s definitely the hardest class, so congratulate yourself for even getting to level 9!

  7. pinkyugly says:

    still figuring out who to vote for! does anyone have an extra Sophie Stockwell plushie and Alyssa hat? I didn’t get either of those in the park :/ much appreciate if you could send one to me! I’ll send you a gift in return Username: pinkyugly

  8. KSC says:

    What a lovely room design Robynn! Congratulations on being featured!

  9. gingerdare says:

    Ella looks a little odd when I went to visit her today.

    • ArcanineEspeon says:

      Did she look any more odd than Ella usually does when she’s 3D, animated, and sitting at a desk?

      • piggitime says:

        I think she’s as creepy as she always looks during newz week, but maybe she’s just stressed trying to work on a hot story and hand out coins. Maybe multitasking is not her friend, and she should just hand out coins because this time around I have had to exit the room and go back 3-4 times or more to get my coin. Every time.

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