Webkinz Newz Week Starts Today!



Webkinz Newz Week runs until April 29 (ending at midnight, EST), on Webkinz Classic! During this event, you can collect Newz Team action figures from Ella McWoof at the Clubhouse, earn prizes by completing the Webkinz Newz Week Challenge and even have the opportunity to meet actual members of the Webkinz Newz Team!


From April 23 – 29, visit Ella McWoof at the Clubhouse. You’ll find her blogging away at her desk in the Webkinz Newz Room.



You can click on Ella once a day to earn a Webkinz Team action figure! There are four to collect featuring each member of the Webkinz Newz Team: Mandy, Michael, Sally and Steve Webkinz!



Prizes are awarded randomly, so play every day for the chance to collect all four!


Once you have collected your daily action figure, look for the Webkinz Newz Week Challenge icon on the left side of your screen, and click on it to review your tasks.



There are three tasks you’ll need to finish by midnight, Saturday, April 29 (EST), to complete the Newz Week Challenge:


  • Visit the Webkinz Newz Room at the Clubhouse and collect an action figure from Ella McWoof!

  • Head to Webkinz Newz to learn about upcoming events… Feed your pet 2 cans of Fizzy Newz Soda!

  • Interview Tabby Von Meow! Try any 2 jobs at the Employment Office.


You’ll need to feed your pet two cans of Fizzy Newz Soda to complete the challenge, but you’ll only be able to find them at webkinznewz.com. From April 23 – 29, look for the daily floating can of Fizzy Newz Soda and click on it to send it back to your Webkinz Classic account. Drag a can of Fizzy Newz Soda onto your Webkinz to feed your pet.


Players who manage to complete the Newz Week Challenge by midnight, Saturday, April 29, will win a Webkinz Newz KinzCash Coin and a Webkinz Newz Building:



Do you visit Webkinz Newz regularly, follow our social media posts, watch our YouTube channel and Podkinz videos? If so, you probably know Mandy, Michael, Sally and Steve Webkinz. As a special treat for Webkinz Newz Week, they will be handing out signed versions of their action figures in the KinzChat Trading Room from Tuesday, April 25, to Friday, April 28!



Two Newz Team members will be featured in the KinzChat Trading Room every day, but they’ll only be there for one hour, so please make your visit quick, so other players have the chance to get a signed action figure.


Here’s how to get yours:


  • Click on the KinzChat Trading Room when a Newz Team member is scheduled to appear in the Clubhouse

  • Click on the Newz Team member to invite them to trade


  • The Newz Team member will offer their signed action figure for trade. Drag any item into a trading slot and complete the trade to receive your action figure. Make sure your offer is something of little value, like a piece of food, because you won’t get it back once the trade has been completed!


Once your trade has been completed, please leave the KinzChat Trading Room immediately, so that other players have a chance to access the room and meet a Newz Team Member.


Here is a look at the schedule:



Don’t forget to log in to your Webkinz Classic account on April 29, which is Webkinz Day and the final day of Newz Week. You will receive your 2023 Webkinz Day Gift Box as soon as you log in on April 29!


Did you manage to meet one of the Webkinz Newz Team members? Let us know in the comment section below…


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  1. LadyBeauty says:

    While I wasn’t able so meet up with any of the Hosts in the Kinz Chat Trading Rooms to receive the autographed action figures, I was able to get all four host autographed posters a few years ago. Congratulations to everyone who was able to get autographed action figures of our favorite Webkinz Hosts. Woo! Hoo! Good for You!! ♪♫LadyBeauty♪♫

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