Webkinz Next 101: How to Spark a Baby

Sally Webkinz walks you through using Sparks in Webkinz Next to expand your family!



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27 Responses to Webkinz Next 101: How to Spark a Baby

  1. dollspace says:

    I asked about this in Webkinz next before coming over here and I have to say that as many others have expressed, I am very disapointed that the limited edition pets have no sparks. I got two of them and feel like I wasted the sparks that their parents contirbuted. They are cute but I think that they ruin the fun a bit. I only have one frog and one bunny and got a retriever so their sparks are kind of lost. Can’t they just pass on a parent’s traits and at least just give you a duplicate of on parent? For me, it makes me cross my fingers not to get a limited edition and I certainly won’t be paying as much for a plush as for another plush that is more fun.

  2. madiw2dogz says:

    My rare pig that I have been waiting a while for to grow up, is not showing up at the adoption center ready to spark a baby.

  3. bocquet says:

    Dear Sally, I just purchased the Bear on Webkinz Next on Thanksgiving weekend when they went on sale. I was shocked to find out today that my bear had only 1 spark. It was not stated that the sale item came with 1 spark and I feel cheated. I spend my money to buy a pet to make a baby only to find out I can not do so. If I knew that they came with 1 spark , I would not have made the purchased. Can you help me. Was their an error. I hope so. PLEASE reply Sally.

  4. EgK says:

    So if you get a rare one you can’t make babies? What are the chances of getting a rare one if you combine a husky and a moon bear?

  5. sherryeberhard says:

    Dear Sally, I am getting ready to move my family out of the starter home. Is it possible to move the baby, or does the baby and the crib stay in the room it is placed in? I am keeping my rare pet a baby as it does not have sparks as an adult. Does this pet have to stay in the starter home forever? Thank you for all your help!

  6. Grandma52 says:

    Hi Sally. I need help. I am having an issue with the 3rd stage in the challenge Bringing Up Baby. I have complected all the steps. My pet is now a full grown kid and in her in own room, not the nursery. The problem is, I did not receive the 20 diamonds for completing the challenge and it erroneously shows that I am on step 12 out of the required 15 steps in the last step. Can you please help me with this issue Thank you.

  7. sherryeberhard says:

    I feel I should have been told the Rare Pig I paid $29 for would not come with sparks at time of purchase. I would not have spent the money if the pet could not be a part of a future family. Also I had no choice to adopt the pet into my family of cats….I would have liked to choose another cat WITH SPARKS!

    • sherryeberhard says:

      My two cats sparked a rare pig. I read below it will not come with a code.

      • sherryeberhard says:

        I am checking now to see if I can cancel the purchase of the plush I bought last night. I do not want to pay $29 for a pet with no code. Even if the pet can not pass down traits, you could give a code for a similar pet whose traits can be passed down. This customer is not happy.

        • Sally Webkinz says:

          There is no Classic version of this pet and you already have the pet on your account — that’s why there’s no code.

          • sherryeberhard says:

            I don’t care about the Classic Code. I only buy pets for codes and sparks. I would get the virtual pet if it were available.

          • sherryeberhard says:

            I tried to cancel my purchase and I got this response “You asked about refunding/exchanging your purchase. Please be aware that as stated on the website, the Ganz eStore does not supply refunds/exchanges of any kind and all sales are final.”

            Thank you for your understanding.

            Ganz eStore Support.

  8. dwtsfan says:

    Why when my baby asked the stuff animal he shake his head like that is not what he asked for

  9. finnek says:

    So since my free pet has only one spark, I can only use it once as a parent, but any purchased pets that have 3 sparks can be used 3 times as a parent? How many sparks do the sparked babies have when they become adults?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Most babies will have 3 sparks when they grow up. The exceptions to this are the ones that unlock the limited edition plush — those have no sparks.

      • finnek says:

        So for each spark a pet has, it can spark 1 baby–1 spark= 1 baby, 3 sparks = 3 babies?

      • GabbieDaoust says:

        How come the limited edition plush doesn’t get sparks? I didn’t pick to unlock that one and almost would have rather have a pet with sparks

        • Sally Webkinz says:

          The limited edition plush are special — they don’t have traits that can be passed on. While other pets are made up of several parts put together, and each piece can theoretically be passed on, the limited edition pets are just all one piece.

  10. rockinrassberry says:

    Dear Sally, We need help! We were lucky and got the super rare golden retriever, yay, and then we took advantage of getting the actual stuffed one, yay! But then we were bummed. We thought there would be a code for Webkinz in the box, but there wasn’t. We accepted and recovered from this disappointment, and focused on growing our special little guy. Today he reached his big adult self, yay! Then we went to go use his sparks, boo. Come to find out he doesn’t have any!!!!! So, we have spent 38 dollars on him and we can’t even use 3 sparks. Is this really the plan or a glitch? Bumming out. Thanks for replying!

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      The Rainbow Retriever and Rainbow Unicorns do not come with codes since they are already on your account. Since they are special, their traits cannot be inherited — that’s why they have no sparks.

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