Webkinz Next Egg Hunt Sneak Peek

Starting March 22, you can search around Kinzville to collect Spring Celebration Eggs that you can exchange for cool prizes!
How it works — first, head to Kinzville! Play in the Park or chat with other residents while you wait for Spring Celebration Eggs to fall from the sky!

Once a batch of eggs fall, hunt around for them — they can scatter pretty far. When you collect all the eggs from a batch, sit back and wait for some more! You can collect up to 50 eggs per day.
Collect 20 Spring Celebration Eggs to turn them in for a random prize. There are 9 prizes to collect!


You can collect and redeem eggs for prizes until 11:59pm EST on April 4!
Which prize are you most looking forward to?
Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

34 Responses to Webkinz Next Egg Hunt Sneak Peek

  1. young797 says:

    why don’t you open arties, school, town hall instead of focusing on babies ans park., need more to do!!!!!!

    • Sgirl16 says:

      I would 2nd this about the other items. While I love the babies and could feed them a bottle over and over, and even when they poop they are cute. My daughter and hubby get tired of me saying, “Oh look isn’t it cute?!” And when I don’t have a baby because I am wanting to be careful not to have more pets than I can fill the hearts of, & there aren’t new room themes lately, I do get a little bored too….unless Tile Towers is the game of the day, then I am on for hours and my little pet is tired & starving and holding their tummies…. The park is great & I have brought the babies a couple times, but really the novelty wears off. If it filled the baby hearts (Which I realize those don’t get filled until they are a child.) Or gave pet care/family point bonuses for taking extra special care, I don’t see myself spending time doing it repetitively…which hopefully more family prizes are coming, given Classic has them for like a million points. So I am thinking that prizes past 10k was forseeable…which btw I love the peacock topiary! Classes at the academy or mining would be great. Or maybe prizes for good game play…although I kind of cringe when I see a baseball glove, purse, or tree of mugs…so maybe it’s a special room theme that can only be gotten with improving your scores at the games. That would at least motivate me to try to get better at some of the games that I am not a fan of but could be maybe if there was a carrot to chase…

  2. mfaull says:

    Wish this was on Classic!

  3. daisie says:

    This is only in the park? I try to stay out of there because people are super aggressive about picking up trash. I can only imagine how they will be about picking up prize eggs.

  4. Sgirl16 says:

    Awesome that there’s a spring prize opportunity! Given Ganz is doing things differently on this new platform can you provide some more info? Are the eggs at fall like the trash in the park that players compete for, or are they dropping for each player to collect the ones they see? Can we expect eggs to drop every every 5, 10, 20 minutes? Is there a # of eggs that can be collected each day? If the prizes are random is there are way to trade yet with other players? Are they equally weighted chances? It says eggs drop until April 4th, can eggs be turned in for prizes after the 4th? The Xmas prizes were there for way longer than the balls were dropping, but the last day the snowflakes ended was the last day to make the fort. Which, I can understand with the new platform wanting to do some things differently, & wanting to create more urgency for things. But it would be helpful when you are having events in Next that are similar to Classic, if you could be more clear about the differences. And call the differences out more frequently. As a new player from what I have seen in the Classic game once there is something that is created with a recipe on a stove, blender, etc. it is something that can be made 5 years later if you have the items in your dock. So while there was mention of using snowflakes that were falling for your forts by a certain date, it was really not clear that the recipe was being removed completely. It would have been helpful to see a message saying something like this is a special limited time recipe & you must create it by ___. And then having reminders of that deadline. Everyday in classic we see pop up reminders. But clarifying when something is going to be different than it typically is in the Classic version, I believe would be very helpful for players. More information is usually always a positive thing. Not everyone has to read everything, but for players who want more details it really is helpful. From a business perspective, I could be wrong, but I’m thinking the investment of time up front to share more detailed information about games, events, challenges, etc. would save time on the back side. Whether it is here here having to respond, or getting emails after the fact from players who are frustrated, crabby, etc.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      OK, got some answers. The eggs are not like the trash event on Classic — everyone collects their own eggs, no competing with others. If you haven’t seen anything after 10 minutes, you should try logging out and back in. You can collect up to 50 eggs per day. There is no way to trade, but yes, equally weighted. You must redeem your eggs before end of day April 4th to get your prizes.

      • Sgirl16 says:

        Thanks Sally! I often don’t come back and look at my comments, unless I really am looking for an answer on something, because I worry that maybe I said something I shouldn’t have or might offend someone. OR I just have such bad ADD along with a bad memory that I forget! But I so appreciate you getting the answers to my questions! Really thank you! I know you have lots of messages & are responding here along with everyone other social media forum or chat room there is….I don’t know how you can keep up so well, but you are awesome at it, so thank you! It is helpful to know that we should see the eggs within 10 minutes…and from valentines flowers popping up, I will assume that it is time in the park, not just on the platform….but it helps to know it is not a competition so I can play in Classic and come back and check for the eggs… It is also REALLY helpful to know that eggs do have to be redeemed b4 the end of the day to get the prizes. I will agree with others that it is really a bummer that prizes are completely random. The Xmas one was a little better to have the levels. Although that one looked like you could choose 1 of 3 for different levels, but I ended up with 2 nutcrackers and that was not what I chose, but I was glad I had a little bit of a choice. I so want that butterfly wall thingy. I am hoping that it will be a prize in the Classic game as we go through spring and summer. I have seen it in a few pictures, but haven’t yet played during the spring or summer, but I want one for my Classic account SOOOOO bad! I think I would actually spend estore points on those I think they are so pretty! I did get the dragon from from the WishFactory & love it!!! Thanks so much Sally for not only reading my wordy long messages but also following up with answers!!!

  5. chris538 says:

    Does this mean you can collect 20 eggs a day or 20 eggs for the duration?

  6. GreenSecret says:

    Great prizes, I wish they weren’t random. Hopefully I can get more than one of the ones I really want. Thanks Ganz!

  7. MagicOrin says:

    CAN any of these be used outside by the tbles woul look nice by a pool . Bunnys an fountain . JUST hopeing

  8. MagicOrin says:

    Well not all these will fit in storage so I need to buy a room just for them . Rooms cost so much :(

  9. DJ747 says:

    How many eggs can we collect per day?

  10. Fedorovgirl says:

    All the prizes are lovely – I’m just afraid of getting a duplicate lol. Hopefully when it does “rain eggs”, there will be a lot of them in one “shower”!

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