Webkinz Next: How to use the Arcade

The Arcade is the best place to earn KinzCash and get cool prizes!



Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.



30 Responses to Webkinz Next: How to use the Arcade

  1. Rubye777 says:

    I played on Webkinz Classic for 8 years so far. I’ve just gotten onto Webkinz Next and I can’t find my favorite things to do like Quizzy’s Corner or the Tournament Arena. Where are these things and do they/will they be brought to Webkinz Next?

  2. PRINCESS6501 says:

    What is the trophy score for Picnic, I believed that it was 500(from a score on friend’s account) and I scored 500 and did not receive a trophy.

  3. duckess1 says:

    Where is the shark swimsuit and tank?????????????????

  4. cookie2231949 says:

    I am not on next but i need next candy for a challenge on cookie32114

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