Webkinz Next Room Showcase!


Check out the winning rooms from our NEW Webkinz Room Design Contest! We will add  one winner a day from February 8 to 28, 2021! Each winner will recieve 20 Diamonds in the New Webkinz, and a 2018 Winterfest Cookie 3-Pack in Classic Webkinz!


Please note: Weekend winners will be posted on the following business day.


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80 Responses to Webkinz Next Room Showcase!

  1. Nattie says:

    I totally enjoyed all the rooms, the ideas shared, the room angles shared, and I am also grateful to have been chosen. A fun thing for me to do in the rooms is get down low and scan around the whole room. :)

  2. Nate4555 says:

    I have loved seeing all the ways players are using the new design features and photo angles. Grateful to be part of Webkinz Next Room Showcase!

  3. Zooooooz says:

    This was fun! Can’t wait for the next Webkinz Next Room Showcase! :)

  4. Beckinz8 says:

    Hi! I just wanted to comment on the room designed by bluemorpho that was featured for February 25. First, the wallpaper and flooring are stunning! What an amazing luxury bathroom with that huge soaker tub, and walk-in shower! But what really caught my attention was the awesome feature of being able to see your pet’s reflection in the vanity mirror. That is just so cool! What other amazing surprises are waiting for me when I finally get the opportunity to try Next?? Congrats on being selected, and enjoy all of your prizes!!

  5. hiphophipposrule2007 says:

    I was wondering what the floor tile actually looked like. Love it! All great rooms!

  6. beerfeet says:

    bluemorpho, I really like your room. Not much in it, but it looks amazing! I haven’t seen that wallpaper or flooring anywhere. Where or how did you get it? What is it called. Nice to see a different paper and flooring.

    • bluemorpho says:

      Hi beerfeet and thanks! I usually use smaller rooms for bathrooms because there is usually less stuff to put in them, but all the rooms are the same size in Next. It was fun figuring out what things to put in the room to fill it up. It’s the Designer Wallpaper and Designer Tile Flooring. They are both items you can craft from the Designer’s Drafting Table (in the “Tables” section of the wShop). You will need materials from Crafting Bags. You can win the bags by logging in, on the Wheel of Wow, or by trading tickets in the Arcade. There are so many neat things we can craft in Next!

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