Webkinz Next Wacky Zingoz Event on NOW

Win Rare Wacky-themed prizes!

The Wacky Zingoz Event is on now in Webkinz Next! From May 25th-31st, win Wacky-themed prizes from clicking the floating Wacky icon or by earning a high score of at least 8000 points in Wacky Zingoz.

Click the floating Wacky icons to collect one of five Wacky-themed food item. Collect up to five floating Wacky icons a day.

And, earn at least 8000 points playing Wacky Zingoz during the event for your chance to win either Wacky Wallpaper or this rare Wacky Racer!

Which item are you most excited to win?

Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows 10.


49 Responses to Webkinz Next Wacky Zingoz Event on NOW

  1. noavk says:

    got some of items wacky not cotton candy treat or wacky car.

  2. alrmc4 says:

    No car almost impossible to get but at least they let you sell the wallpaper.

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