Webkinz Pet Showcase: Penguins!


Webkinz World is filled with over a thousand different pets that you can adopt!


In this showcase, we’ll look at all of the different kinds of penguins you might encounter around Kinzville!




51 Responses to Webkinz Pet Showcase: Penguins!

  1. cvasko says:

    My first pet was the penguin. Her name is chilly willy fits don’t you think? Got her long time ago when Webkinz first started out. I still play this game everyday to wake my self up. I love webkinz. hope it always loves me the same.

  2. Neette says:

    I have the Baby Penguin. Her name is Penelope. :) :)

  3. xpoe says:


  4. veve08 says:

    I’ve been looking for the Baby Penguin for a long

  5. Wetnose23 says:

    I have the original penguin named Flipper. He was one of my first Webkinz. Love all of ‘em!

  6. hoki says:

    I have them all and particularly like the Rockhopper one.

  7. kittenloverz101223 says:

    I DON’T HAVE any of them. But I WANT ALL of them! :)

  8. kin2832 says:

    Also love the pink iced penguin!!!:) I love the sundae station and frosted strawberry pop!!!:)

  9. Te_Ka says:

    awe, I want all of them!! I hope some more penguins are added soon!

  10. Elessar says:

    ALL adorable!! Alas, I only have Pip the (original) Penguin. To my Webkinz Family, I’d love to add the Rockhopper Penguin and (if extremely lucky) the Signature Penguin! :)

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