Webkinz Podkinz Ep 122: Summer Clothing Line and Fan Design Contest Updates!


In this episode of Podkinz, Mandy and Michael sneak peek the Summer Clothing Line and show off new SPREE prizes. You’ll also get to see some Companion Pet contest entries and see the 3 winning fan designed Wallpaper & Flooring sets! Make sure you watch the whole episode because at the end, Mandy and Michael give away a free Community Code…



As promised, here is a link to the 10 Years of Webkinz: A Look Back video on YouTube.


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75 Responses to Webkinz Podkinz Ep 122: Summer Clothing Line and Fan Design Contest Updates!

  1. Grumpylas says:

    @Mandy Webkinz I made a new clothing piece!!! A hoodie! Need to watch this again and see how many new pieces there are

  2. EartWorm says:

    Where are you suppose to put in the code?

  3. catladyinpajamas says:

    I really like the observatory my #1 the ocean scene #2 and the Attic #3 They are all my favorite and I think they should all 3 win!! For the companion I love the Fairykinz Tabby Cat!!! By onesmarty I think But every one did a fantastic job!! I hope to get these 4 things and be able to use them on Webkinz!! I have plans for the 3 rooms I picked out!! And I have a room for the Fairy cat already!!

  4. NanaZaza says:

    I have typed in the code several times and doublechecked it against the end of the podcast and it doesn’t work. Now I am locked out. W24E-XWQ9-GUFZ-XHNJ – is that wrong?

  5. NanaZaza says:

    I love the observatory!

  6. kittzkatt says:

    Another great episode! Thanks to you both!

  7. dixiecup says:

    After today’s new pet entries I noticed that the hermit crab is causing a glitch. I can’t get past it to see the other new pet entries. https://share.ganzworld.com/companionpet?id=56439&sort=Newest%2Bto%2BOldest

  8. ngeorgianow says:

    No trophy or anything for solving the clothing recipes first, right?

  9. MagicOrin says:

    OBSERVITORY Can you tale the CENTER corner line off the wall so we can see MORE of the moon !!

  10. zoomycat says:

    Awesome pet designs, guys! I love the wall papers, the Observatory is my favorite! Incredible work, everyone!

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