Webkinz Podkinz Ep. 83: Mid-Year Quiz and a FREE Code!

In this episode, Sally, Stephen, and Mandy test their Webkinz knowledge in the mid-year quiz. Plus, check out some of the entries in our Postcard Design Contest, and get a free code for WHITE Polarberry Pants!

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35 Responses to Webkinz Podkinz Ep. 83: Mid-Year Quiz and a FREE Code!

  1. BabbleWebkinz says:

    Hello it’s BabbleWebkinz! I’m new to Webkinz and I have a burning question, In the wShop you can buy jumbleberries, moonberries, pickleberries, and skyberries. I know you can plant them and harvest them to get the berries but what I want to know is when the Jumbleberry event ends can you still collect the berries? And when the event comes back can you use the berries you collected when the event ended? I also wanted to say hi to Mandy!

    • lovetyson4life says:

      Hello I have the answer to your question. The event has already ended but you can still collect it by playing jumble berry fields at the arcade. And I suppose when the event comes back you can still use them but in the mean time you can still use them to fill up your jars to earn a reward. Hope I helped

  2. katrocks25 says:

    for the valentine’s day collection prizes, it should be for a valentine’s day party at school! like with boxes decorated and sweets. :D

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