Webkinz Room Designs – May 20, 2023


Keep collecting Flowers from your Kinzville Map on Webkinz Classic. If you manage to complete your collection before the end of the month, you can play through it again for the chance to win bonus prizes!


I have twenty new room designs to share with you today, including a Dex Dangerous Superfan room, an Ice Station and a Moonlight Dreams room!



Congratulations to today’s designers! You each have the chance to become a finalist the next time we hold the Room Design Awards!


Miss my last post? CLICK HERE to see it now!


Anyone can send me a screenshot of their favorite Webkinz Next or Webkinz Classic room for the chance to be featured in a room design post. Just email it to letsbuild@ganz.com.


Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.



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27 Responses to Webkinz Room Designs – May 20, 2023

  1. InTheGarden2010 says:

    Hey Michael! I have had my account for around 7 years now, and I want more buddies on it! But I can’t get anymore because the friend requests I’ve sent over the years have been to players that have been inactive- is there any way you can delete those requests to make more room? Ty!! Also these dens r rlly cute ong!!!

  2. frankie98 says:

    BIG congratulations to my dear friend Roxy for having her WE WILL ROCK YOU room featured. I love everything about it and can see all the webkinzs in webkinz world ready to Rock Out there LOL… Everyone featured did a fantastic job on your room designs.

  3. Sollace says:

    Great job everyone! I was amazed at how many webkinz are in the ‘Webkinz Space Tourism.’ Someone is a dedicated Webkinz player!

  4. lucylane556 says:

    AHH! Why do they only show my bad rooms?! Anyway, I love the We Will Rock You room. Awesome song, awesome room.

  5. luna101217 says:

    Congratulations on having yet another room design featured here Roxy!! Your “We Will Rock You” room is perfect!! <3 ~ luna

    • Roxy616 says:

      Aww, thanks so much, Luna…really appreciate it!!! Wanted to let you know that I left a reply to your post in the forum on pg. 1886, in case you haven’t seen it yet. Sending lots of love and hugs your way! <3<3<3

  6. ImADogWhoLovesFish says:

    Like the monument and the last one!

  7. jeanenehea says:

    Every room has a special touch by each toom designer. I want to make some of them on my own account. Congratulations!

  8. LadyBeauty says:

    Congratulations to my friend Roxy616 for having your room featured on Room Designs!!! Way to go! ♪♫LadyBeauty♪♫

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