Webkinz Room Designs – May 26, 2021


Big “thank you” to today’s designers for sending me screenshots of their Webkinz Classic rooms! Remember, I’d also love to see your Webkinz Next rooms. Photo Mode on Webkinz Next makes it easy to take great photos of your rooms! You can learn more about Photo Mode HERE.


And now for today’s room designs! There are 25 in the group, including a Splash Water Park, Gem Mine and News Studio:



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Congratulations to everyone featured today! You each have the chance to become a finalist the next time we hold the Room Design Awards.


Anyone can send me a screenshot of their favorite Webkinz or Webkinz Classic room for the chance to be featured in a room design post. Just email it to letsbuild@ganz.com.



22 Responses to Webkinz Room Designs – May 26, 2021

  1. Rachelgirl says:

    Well done everyone!

  2. bonesbongo says:

    Congrats on these amazing designs and for being featured. Special shout out to my friends mirforbjs and Traveller I love your rooms. mirforbjs your room is BEAUTIFUL, it looks so cozy. I would love to be there, just to be able to sit back relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Traveller your Party room is so colorful it looks like everyone is having so much fun. I LOVE how the bunny is peeking over the wall it is PERFECT! I also enjoyed Balcony Bistro, Gem Mine, Lucid Dream Stables and Yeti Forest. Well done! ~ shelkinz67

  3. dominic99709 says:

    Lucid Dreams Stables is a prodigious design!

  4. blurayne says:

    Congratulations everyone, beautiful rooms! Shout out to mirforbjs and traveller your rooms are always amazing. I also really enjoyed The Yeti Forest, so fun and Balcony Bistro, so elegant.

  5. Traveller says:

    Awesome bunch of rooms in this edition so it’s a privilege to see my “Psst! Can I Come to Your Party?” (original title) included in the mix. I am always inspired by the entertaining creativity of the Ganz designers, and this wallpaper with its big bunny peeking over the wall absolutely captivated me. Thank you Team Ganz! Among the other rooms I loved this time: My good friend’s mirforbjs’ take on the quaint mouse theme. That mop in the kitchen, the little side windows next to the picture window. Of course, any room with a double bass in the middle of the room is going to win my love! I also want to pay tribute to Husky’s Balcony Bistro, with my absolute favourite flooring and its meticulous blend of themes and items. For sheer magic and beauty, I’m going with You Wei’s Lucid Dreams Stables. Lemony’s Yeti Forest is super cute and charming. Finally, couldn’t you just feel the bustle of PigKnucklesMom’s salon? Bravo everyone.

  6. Flyerdream says:

    Ah beautiful homes! Thank you all for sharing and helping me with new decorating ideas too! Love the mix of old stuff and brand new too!

  7. alucard says:

    All these rooms are lovely! But, speaking of rooms, today I was moving a few of my rooms around (Webkinz Classic Desktop), and about every 3rd or 4th room I tried to move the map would freeze! I had to restart my computer or randomly click on the page until it ‘unfroze’ and I could play again. Anyone else having issues with moving their rooms around? I love being able to rearrange my rooms, even though it is so hard to do since you can’t see your entire map when trying to arrange your rooms, which makes it very hard to do. I’m also tired of the rooms that aren’t touching another room, sliding up and down or left to right. I understand that we can’t have ‘a room floating like an island, all alone’, but WHILE we are in ‘Moving’ mode, why can’t the rooms be moved around without having to touch another room? I feel like I’m spending more time trying to figure out where I can move a room without causing it to slide where I don’t want it. Sometimes a whole line of rooms will slide and you have to figure out how to move them back to where you wanted them. It’s WONDERFUL that we can move our rooms, but having the rooms freeze or slide or can’t use a zoom in\zoom out feature, is really hard to arrange the rooms. Couldn’t you please try to update this feature for us? Please?

  8. foggy says:

    Nice selection of rooms. Great job, everyone!

  9. fennecfur says:

    I love Angel’s Home and Balcony Bistro!

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