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Hey guys! It’s Michael Webkinz and I’m back with some more fan build screenshots. From now on, we plan on showing your screenshots in a video so you can actually hear us comment on your awesome room designs:



Thanks to everyone who sent me a screenshot of their room… keep them coming! Want to send us screenshots of some of your favorite rooms? E-mail them to me at letsbuild@ganz.com. Who knows, you might see them in a post right here on Webkinz Newz!


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  1. LadyOfTheHouse says:

    @Michael Webkinz: I think the new video format is great, but I would also love it if you could continue posting the images on the room design page as well. I keep a Webkinz Inspiration board on Pinterest and love collecting ideas from these posts. If would be a shame not to be able to pin these awesome pictures anymore!

    • Twizi says:

      I think they should do videos AND images, I honestly love both. If I HAD to choose between them, I would choose videos. You can also get images and inspiration from the ShareCenter (I’d recommend asking before reposting them though) :)

  2. 1Emerald1 says:

    Well, this is interesting. While I enjoy listening to the Hosts’ commentary, I prefer viewing the rooms at my own pace with the ability to zoom in on the details. How else are we supposed to gain “inspiration” from viewing them? I get that the new format is to help the quest for more YouTube subscribers, but…..hopefully when this campaign is done, they’ll go back to showing screenshots in an article. The rooms are too hard to see in the videos, so what’s the point.

    • MEG_WEBKINZ says:

      Based on the fact that some people like it and others don’t, I really do think they should just do both for people who want to stick to screenshots. Make an article and a video, basically. And honestly I think they would if it wasn’t so much work! I personally like hearing MORE by them, but really, you could just write in a little more in the article. Maybe just show the screenshots then say what you’ve gotta say after showing them all for people who don’t want to watch 10 mins, for starters! ;)

      • 1Emerald1 says:

        MEG, your idea is good. I suspect it’s not so much the amount of work, but the amount of space available for Fan Build on the Newz that will stop it from happening. Doing both an article & a video would double the space required. It’s not the amount of time needed to watch the videos that bothers me, it’s the fact that the rooms are harder than ever to see. I suggest enlarging the images shown in the videos, that would solve one problem. You can always pause the video to take a longer look, that solves another. I don’t know whether a zoom feature could be added, though. The Hosts are entertaining & it’s nice to hear where the various room items came from….. I just want to be able to see & enjoy the room designs, that IS what Fan Build is all about, isn’t it?

        • MEG_WEBKINZ says:

          Right, that’s what I meant. But I agree, I can hardly see the little details! I do pause the video though, it really helps! The videos are a good idea from certain perspectives and aren’t from others, in other words!

          • 1Emerald1 says:

            The thing for me really is the size of the image. On my computer screen, in the posts, FanBuild rooms are about 3″x4″. In the videos, the rooms are about 2″x3″. This makes a big difference in viewing the details in the shots. Is there a way to enlarge the images in the videos?

          • MEG_WEBKINZ says:

            Oooooh, yeah, that’s a pretty big difference. I really do think they should do both considering it sounds like there aren’t many who are happy with just video!

        • Twizi says:

          I’m for the videos, but I agree, they should do both. I like hearing what they have to say, but I also like looking at them…I’m in between, so i agree they should to both :)

  3. iorekbyrnison says:

    Thanks for featuring my Granny’s Utility Room! It really is as close to her laundry/storage room as I could get it in Webkinz. I’m trying to recreate her whole house, actually. Btw, Iorek Byrnison is a character in The Golden Compass book and movie – it’s pronounced ‘Yorek Burrnisson’. He’s a polar bear, and my first Webkinz pet was a Polar Bear, so that became my username.

    • 1Emerald1 says:

      Congratulations on being featured, iorekbyrnison! I heard that my kids are giving me a Polar Bear for my bday, & I just may name him iorekbyrnison! Cool.

      • Twizi says:

        I love your Granny’s Utility Room, it looks just like my grandma’s craft room in her basement: Small, cozy, artsy, organized yet sort of cluttered, you mastered the look :)

  4. Liw1867 says:

    I have had many rooms featured in Let’s Build segments, but I do not want my rooms featured on YouTube, so I will not be submitting any more rooms to Webkinznewz.

    • 1Emerald1 says:

      Oh no! I love your rooms. But I understand not wanting to get involved in YouTube. I don’t have an account either, and don’t want one.

      • Twizi says:

        I have a YouTube channel (TwizKinz), so I’m okay with this, I’ve NEVER been featured (even though I’ve sent in so many images by now), so hopefully I’ll be featured- and being on YouTube, I consider that a huge bonus!

  5. MisakiKt says:

    What…………I entered some room designs and they didn’t show up…………oh well.

    • Twizi says:

      It could take a year, my friend literally waited a year once, it can take forever because there are SO many sent in, they can’t feature ALL of them.

  6. JRS1 says:

    My favorite is the Indoor Pool. Great job!

    • Twizi says:

      Same here, for some reason it reminds me of the Great Wolf Lodge near me (a mini version of the indor water park)…Probably because the wave pool- GOSH that thing is fun (the GWL real one XD) :D

  7. nezt says:

    Ahhh thank you so much for featuring my Pixie Hollow room!! It’s definitely one my favorite rooms I’ve made.

    • Twizi says:

      I love that it’s called a Pixie Hollow room, when I was younger I was OBSESSED with Disney Fairies, so it reminds me of that (their place in Neverland was Pixie Hollow).

  8. AmericanCivilWar1861 says:

    When we send in our screenshots do we have to crop it or will Ganz do that? Is there anything else we need to do to a room screenshot to send one in?

    • iorekbyrnison says:

      They’ll crop it to what they want. I generally just grab as much of my screen as possible. I notice a lot of people do crop close and add their usernames and whatever room title they want, so that nothing is quoted incorrectly by mistake. Any program that supports graphic layers can be used, such as Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, and others.

  9. LuckyTheBeagle says:

    How do I send in my rooms? Do I send them through Gmail?

  10. lmartineau says:

    Oh, please don’t do it this way, or at least make still shots an option! Looking at the room designs is one of my favorite things about this page, but I don’t have time to watch them as a video. I don’t always get why people always think video is a superior option to pictures and text.

    • MEG_WEBKINZ says:

      I do like the video thing, but I do think there should be options to just view them as pictures. Not everyone has time to watch a 10 minute video every few days! ;)

    • nov63 says:

      I agree, please keep the still shots

    • BuffaloGirl14075 says:

      I agree with you, I prefer pictures so that I can spend as much or as little time as I like looking at them, so that I can get some ideas from them.

      • TaffyKitty12 says:

        I think I have to agree with you. Don’t me wrong, the video is pretty cool and stuff and I really like how they can now make comments on the rooms, but…. I kinda prefer when they just showed the pictures in an article. It didn’t take as long plus I could zoom in to see the details. Also, I don’t always have the time to watch a video…. But that’s just me. I really like MEG_WEBKINZ idea above! I’d love it if there were both options! That way I could review the pictures on the post, and the watch the video if I feel like it :)

    • blebbie says:

      I love the screenshots, but I don’t have time to watch videos either. Sometimes my computer isn’t fast enough to load them anyway.

    • Twizi says:

      I like the videos. It means you get featured on YouTube, not just Webkinz Newz, I think that’s awesome! I do understand those who like the still shots better, but when I wake up in the morning I spend an hour on Webkinz Newz, so I always have time for videos- and I like hearing their opinions too, actually HEARING them :)

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