Webkinz Superfan Concept Art


A lot of work goes into designing Webkinz furniture. Now that the Webkinz Superfan theme is available in the WShop, we thought we would show you some of the concept sketches that were used to create the Superfan Fan, Superfan Comfy Chair and the Superfan Wardrobe, the 3 newest additions to this theme!


I love how the streamers animate when you turn this fan on. Did you know that this is the first fan we have ever released in Webkinz World?:

The Superfan Comfy Chair looks, well… comfy! The concept artist added a Magic W to the base of the chair in the sketch but it was decide to spell the whole word “Webkinz” on the final item:

The Superfan Wardrobe looks square shaped in the concept sketch but the final item turned out much to be much more rectangular shaped. I also love the figurines that were added to the final item:

What new item would you like to see added to the Webkinz Superfan theme? Leave your comments below…



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  1. fluff54 says:

    As of 11/13/15 I finally completed my super fan room thanks to beeks2004, who gave me the last two items that I needed, but they should bring this theme back to the W-Shop, so people can get more of an item, like I already have one nightstand, but would like another one!

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