Webkinz Top 10: Most Adopted Pets!


This year’s Webkinz Day will also be the 10th anniversary for Webkinz World! To help celebrate, we’re doing a series of Top 10 Lists about all things Webkinz!


Top 10 Most Adopted Pets in Webkinz World:




#10. Cheeky Monkey (released May 2006)



247 Responses to Webkinz Top 10: Most Adopted Pets!

  1. Mavman15 says:

    I have all a of them ! Sadly though no codes

  2. CandiKinz says:

    I actually have the panda! And, Believe it or not, I got it from my third webkinz trading card pack!

  3. tennesseegirl97 says:

    I have all these pets, but the cheeky monkey.

  4. bunbun456 says:

    This may be a late comment, but why is the pink pony not here? I see it all the time. Also I only see the cheeky monkey once.

  5. ThatCatRollsInCash says:

    I have the golden retriever, reindeer & panda on my old account

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