Webkinz Trend: June 30, 2020

Holey bagels, guys! It’s summer and that means that the 2020 Summer Clothing Mystery Bag will be soon be arriving in Ganz eStore! I’m modeling the new Blissful Bagel outfit, shoes and glasses, just a few of the awesome new clothing items you might find inside the new mystery bag!


You know what is NOT a mystery? That we have plenty of stylish players in Webkinz World! Here’s a selection of some of the fun Trendz sent in by players just like you!

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Want to send me one of YOUR pet’s outfits? Take a screenshot of your pet in the ‘Dress Your Pet’ window and send it, along with your username, to webkinztrendz@ganz.com

22 Responses to Webkinz Trend: June 30, 2020

  1. megamom12 says:

    Mandy is so cute! (now I want doughnuts…..)

  2. megamom12 says:

    I would like to get more of the sandals that Skittles is wearing.

  3. mfaull says:

    I LOVE Skittles ready for the luau!!

  4. Susiejax says:

    Mandy, that Donut Suit is AMAZING :)

  5. TRINSTER says:

    These are all great! Love the Ice Princess, Kayda is Golden, and the Techno Rock Outfit!

  6. mochidochi says:

    So cute! I love Happy Little Bob!

  7. ojibwa says:

    Those are all so cute! I absolutely LOVE the Techno Rocker Outfit!

  8. PARKASUE says:

    I love Happy Little Bob :D So cute! Bob Ross would be proud.

  9. Wingsfan65 says:

    Love them all, but “Happy Little Bob” by DogPerson300 cracked me up—great Bob Ross tribute!

  10. princesspuppy5555 says:

    that techno rocker mouse is so cute! does anyone know what that dress is called and how i can get one?

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