Webkinz Trendz: August 21, 2019

I’m back with another fan-designed outfit! I just love this Swan Lake Dress by Leah7bear! It’s so dramatic! Remember – all five fan-designed outfits will be coming out in the KinzStyle Outlet on August 28.


And don’t forget – we are currently running another clothing contest! If you’d like to enter your designs in the Fashion Week Design Contest, you can find all the info here.


And of course we know Webkinz is full of fabulous designers just from the amazing outfits that you guys send me every week! Check out our latest trendz!

Missed the last Trendz? You can check it out here.


Want to send me one of YOUR pet’s outfits? Take a screenshot of your pet in the ‘Dress Your Pet’ window and send it, along with your username, to webkinztrendz@ganz.com

41 Responses to Webkinz Trendz: August 21, 2019

  1. estreetbaby says:

    Breakfast at Tiffanys and Woodstock are my favorite!

  2. ImADogWhoLovesFish says:

    The Afghan looks stunning!

  3. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    Ahh, these are awesome! Congratulations to everyone who got featured!! Shout out to my pals, blurayne(Are you a post grunge lover? =)), migrubbs, Cocoa, and WelshGirls!!

  4. Beckinz8 says:

    Mandy Webkinz you are a vision of loveliness in your Swan Lake dress! Grace’s leopard looks stunning in her black ensemble. Mia’s pup seems to be dreaming of cooler days at school, and Prettycat’s orange outfit is very eye-catching, and I may just have to borrow it. Fionaflamingo’s CHIP officer made me smile (I hope you have a police motorcycle!) Welshgirls, your panda is a perfect purple princess and Orange assembled a head-turning disco outfit for their lilac guinea pig. Cocoabeanies, congrats on winning the headphones, and where did you get those fabulous rainbow slippers? Migrubbs, your S’mores raccoon made me smile. When I was fishing with my grandpop, a raccoon literally came over and stole our snacks! It’s funny to now picture that raccoon stuck in the s’mores! Babygurl, your arctic fox looks stunning in that floral outfit. Please tell me it’s not ??bag clothing!?! Gadsfavs, I love your sparkly faux-nicorn (faux unicorn!) Bluerayne, that outfit is perfect – perfect on your canary, and perfect for Woodstock! (The tinted glasses really sell it!) And Alexandra’s afghan looks great in it’s tribute to purple! (Did you know that the balloon dog pet buddy also comes in purple? I don’t know if it’s tradeable/sendable, but it was a prize in the July monthly challenge.) Beautifully done all you WW fashionistas!

    • Rocky5465 says:

      Hey Beckinz8! I replied to your back to school comment telling you the clothing you asking about not mentioned! Btw do you like any kind of foods? Like Pet specific food, or Dispenser food?

      • Beckinz8 says:

        Hi ~Rocky5465! I did not see the comment (sorry, yesterday was my brother’s birthday and I haven’t had much time to be on for a couple of days), but thank you so much for the lovely outfit and the ice cream cone! Is the cone a PSF? I don’t collect food on purpose, but when I get a new food that I don’t have, I tuck it away in a fridge. I have a few dispensers, and I am partial to the holiday foods, particularly Christmas, my favorite holiday. I am more of a furniture girl. I love designing rooms, and and the room design articles are my favorite part of WKN. I see that you are a well-rounded fan who enjoys it all! Do you collect anything? (intentionally!) I hope that you have a great weekend!

    • fionaflamingo says:

      Lol I wish I had a Webkinz police motorcycle, but they only have plain motorcycles :\ XD

  5. Oldshowsrock58 says:

    My favorites are Pixie as a CHP and Breakfast At Tiffany’s!!! Good job to EVERYONE!!! angelgirldog7

    • fionaflamingo says:

      Hi, Oldshowsrock58! I can’t help but notice your username :) Do you, by any chance, know the old show “CHiPs”? :D I am, in fact, an old show fan myself!

      • Oldshowsrock58 says:

        @fionaflamingo YES!!!! I LOVE that show!!!! I also love “EMERGENCY!” “Adam-12″ and “Dragnet” just to name a few!

        • Oldshowsrock58 says:

          Also I am literally watching “CHiPs” right now!! Lol

          • fionaflamingo says:

            OH MY GOSH!!! I love “EMERGENCY!” “Adam-12″ and “Dragnet”! I watched Adam-12 this afternoon!!! I also like “The A-Team” “MacGyver” (the original) and “The Monkees” as well, do you know any of those? :D I don’t find a whole lot of people who like the same shows I do, so that’s why I’m so enthusiastic XD (sorry, Ganz, for the totally non-Webkinz related conversation here XD)

          • Oldshowsrock58 says:

            I LOVE “The Monkees”!!! lol. I also love “The Dick Van Dyke Show” “Laramie” “Growing Pains” “Silver Spoons” “Three’s Company” “Alice” and so many more!!! ( i also apologize to Webkinz for this random subject LOL)

  6. blurayne says:

    Thank you for featuring my outfit! Great job everyone. I really enjoyed: Tinkerbell Loves Rainbow Colors and Pixie as a CHP Officer.

  7. tuxkitty1 says:

    Purple Princess and Roxy you have the cutest outfits!

  8. plentyofpenguins22 says:

    I’m working on new room designs, but I’m unable to get them as I am not a Deluxe Member. I need the Rainbow Stripes Wall Art, a Bright Ideas Lamp, a Frosted-Top Dining Table, and two Dazzling Granite Counters. If you want to help, please send to plentyofpenguins.

    • GinnyRainbow says:

      I can send you the Rainbow Stripes Wall Art, Bright Ideas Lamp, and Frosted-Top Dining Table. I sent you a friend request from Ginny868. All I ask for in return are 2 things: an in game thank you note to acknowledge that you have received the items, and when you can, please help others. :-)

    • TRINSTER says:

      I just sent them all — as eigram and emster7. You’ve been a good friend to us and we appreciate you!

    • plentyofpenguins22 says:

      Thank you for sending me the items I needed! I really appreciate having great friends that help me get the Deluxe items I need. I’ve made some really cool rooms with the items, so I hope they get featured in the next Room Design post so you can see them! :)

  9. ale342209 says:

    I was finally chosed!!!yay!!!I’m sooo happy!!!!!

  10. mirforbjs says:

    Cool outfits everyone! I really like the huge variety of clothes available for our pets in this game. So many ways to create a unique style. I love Webkinz!!

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