Webkinz Trendz: November 9, 2021

Wow! I’m so excited to show off my new look, featuring more 2021 Fall Mystery Clothing Bag items! This week I’m modelling the adorable Fuzzy Fox hat and dress! Each Mystery Clothing Bag awards two random clothing pieces, some not previously released!


I’m also excited to show off YOUR new looks! Check out these cool trendz sent in by players just like YOU!



Missed the last Trendz? You can check it out here.


Want to send me one of YOUR pet’s outfits? Take a screenshot of your pet in the ‘Dress Your Pet’ window and send it, along with your username, to webkinztrendz@ganz.com



26 Responses to Webkinz Trendz: November 9, 2021

  1. sosotto says:

    Thank you so much Mandy for having blue breeze on trendz! Also I love your fox look!!

  2. emster7 says:

    Aw, you included me and my baby sister! Thank you!

  3. mochidochi says:

    Oh wow! You showed Midorichan! Thank you so much!

  4. ojibwa says:

    Sosotto, I love that starry outfit! And Mandy, thank you so much for showing Caleb!

  5. esori7 says:

    I love the starlight look! I used to dress my pets in that on my old deactivated account. Does anyone know where to find those clothing items?

  6. Dot750 says:

    So nice to see the wide variety of pets in such cute outfits. Great job and congratulations on being featured. Mandy, you look very cute in your “foxy” outfit!

  7. rainyukl says:

    I love the fox, and rabbit headwear (:

  8. gadsfavs1 says:

    Oh my goodness! ZSA ZSA’S Helloo Dahling By AlishaC is the cutest ever! :D :D :D

  9. FoxesRule612 says:

    Arnold Ziffel!! That name is PERFECT! XD I love the show Green Acres!

  10. yami7 says:

    Where did the mouse ears come from ?

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