Webkinz Votes 2022 – Nibbles Runs for Mayor!


Ella here with the scoop on all the candidates running for Mayor of Kinzville! 2022 brings some bright new faces and the newest (youngest) face is Nibbles! Let’s hear from Nibbles about how she would improve life for the citizens of Kinzville:




“Citizens of Kinzville, I know I may be young, but I think that makes me perfectly positioned to propose an exciting change to the way the Academy, and thus the way the community works! School is a key pillar of life in Kinzville. But while I’m all about working hard in school, I’m also all for playing hard.


That’s why, if I were to be elected mayor of Kinzville, I would reduce the number of days between recess from 15 to 10. I love doing classes in the Academy, but I also love to recharge between classes during recess. Recess means fun and games, the chance to earn cool prizes, and yummy snacks. Who wouldn’t want more of that?


I hope you’ll agree that working hard needs to be balanced with playing hard, and happy students make the best students. So let’s improve our grades and our way of life.


I hope you will give me a chance to improve Kinzville by bringing students more chances to play when you cast your vote during Webkinz Votes 2022, November 25th – 27th.


Recess is my favorite subject!






And that’s the scoop on Nibble’s campaign platform! You can meet Nibbles in the Kinzville Park every day between November 7th and 12th (Webkinz Classic desktop app only). Meet Nibbles once a day to receive a special Webkinz Votes 2022 gift box that contains one of three prizes: A campaign hat, sign or plushy!




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91 Responses to Webkinz Votes 2022 – Nibbles Runs for Mayor!

  1. Gamerdude58 says:

    Anyone have an extra Nibbles hat they’d be willing to give? Username: Beachbumm5

  2. pinkbluerainbowgirl says:

    Does anyone have an extra Nibbles plushie they could share? I only managed to get her hats and campaign posters. -pinkbluerainbowgirl

  3. Bubblilious says:

    Hi Nibbles. I definitely think your idea of heading to recess after 10 days is great. I think we all need to be more balanced in life. Most of the kids in my neighbourhood only go to school five days and then get two days off. I knew you had lots to offer so I never complained. I do want to request though if you become Mayor, if you could look into speeding up the process of the Wish Factory accepting our tokens. It is very slow. I usually put 10 in and have to walk away and let it do it’s thing. Sometimes the school bell goes and I can’t get to class right away because I am waiting a long time to hand in my tokens. I do not want to miss out of my Wish Factory prizes that I have earned or be late for class.

  4. lynettearida says:

    If Nibbles could fix the Strength class glitch, I would surely vote for her…

  5. pheeebs101xoxo183 says:

    Very compelling Nibbles! I like recess I might vote for you. :)

  6. RRB says:

    Nibbles – When you run again next year… Might I suggest retiring the older recess wheel prizes to the sandbox and limit how long new prizes stay on the recess wheel. Maybe one or two years. We have not won the art easel yet. It would be great to get a prize with each dig in the sandbox and maybe randomly win an older wheel prize.

  7. FuzzyFriends says:

    I love recess and all, but I don’t really mind it taking 15 days to do it. I’m just so sad that I DIDN’T GET ANY DR. QUACK HATS!!! I really wanted to get one of each item from everyone. T-T

  8. ngeorgianow says:

    Adorable theme and such, but sadly, I doubt Nibbles will get my vote. Recess is great and all, but I’ve only recently been visiting the KA to get one pet over a certain level for the webkinz stadium, after accidentally getting a different pet too high by accident. Normally I don’t visit often, bc especially at higher levels, certain games are just to finicky (the higher levels of the strength game are impossible if my internet is acting up, which it often is, even on a ‘good’ day I have to click very early bc the on-screen graphics don’t keep up at ALL). If she proposed fixing that, though, pretty sure there’d be a ton of support XD

  9. warriors23456 says:

    My vote is going to Nibbles! I think the idea of shorter waits for recess is great, since going to the Kinzville Acadamy is part of my routine on Webkinz. And I, personally, love going to recess. So, shorter wait times means more time at recess! I don’t know if you agree, but Nibbles would make a great mayor. (P.S. How do we vote?)

  10. alucard says:

    Sorry, Nibbles, but I can’t vote for you. I’ve had all the schooling that I want or need right now. There are too many issues with some of the Athletic classes, due to old or bad coding. (?) Not sure what the problem is, but there is no fun in trying to play the Strength Class when you can NEVER get anywhere with it. The KinzVille Academy is like the Tournament Arena. Just not fun to play. I only go to the KA when we HAVE to go there because of a challenge or Fill-The-Heart thing, which is another annoyance I would love to see go away. Sorry.

    • cassie14295 says:

      I also gave up on the strength class. It is just to hard. Wish we could get coupons or something to help us finish the classes. Doesn’t matter to me about recesses.

    • KarenaJ says:

      Even though I’d love to have the prizes associated with completion of all the classes at KVA, the only one I’ve reached level 10 on is Creativity. I made it to level 5 to unlock all of the pet motions but since just don’t have time to do what’s required to finish them all and unlock the prizes. The strength class was really difficult to pass level 5, I can’t even imagine how frustrating passing level 10 would be…so I won’t be voting for Nibbles, although I will say this- her campaign plush and hat are for sure the cutest merch of any candidate ever!!!

      • KarenaJ says:

        Also, not to be any way, but the recess prizes overall leave a lot to be desired. The recent easel is a rare exception and I was thrilled when I landed on it recently. The bathroom stall is also a good prize, but I have as many of the other things as I’d ever want or need.

    • _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

      Ditto, alucard. I was hoping she’d do something else, like return older rooms for KC+ like the Chef & Theatre(The Boutique, Fashion Show, Garden, Go Fish, all the good old rooms…), but nope. Strength is actually my favorite class(It is a PAIN on laptop mouses though(I use a regular PC mouse), but I would gladly pay KinzCash for more time. I personally hate Style. And yeah, whenever a pet asks, I normally flunk classes. I am trying to get pet actions on some of my other accounts that don’t have them yet. And @KarenaJ, IKR? The bunny ears <3

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