Webkinz Wheel Prizes UPDATED!


We have updated the prizes on the Wheel of Wow and the Wheel of Deluxe! From February 15 – March 7, spin each wheel daily for the chance to win awesome prizes for your pets! Here’s a look at what you can win:


Available on the Wheel of Wow (web version) from Feb 15 – March 7:



Available on the Wheel of Wow (mobile version) from Feb 15 – March 7:



Available on the Wheel of Deluxe from Feb 15 – March 7:



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The Webkinz Mobile app is available for FREE on iTunes* … and on the Google Play Store**


What did you win on the Wheel of Wow or Wheel of Deluxe? Let us know by leaving a comment below…


33 Responses to Webkinz Wheel Prizes UPDATED!

  1. MCLevine says:

    I have all of these prizes already. Anybody want me to send them my extras?

  2. laddie3166 says:

    I really like all the prize updates on the wheels, but as I am always asking on here please take the kinzcash off the prize wheels. All I ever get is Kinz cash .If There are three wheels a day I’ll get Kinzcash On everyone. I am sure most people would rather have prizes. On seven accounts and just about all get nothing but kinzcash. I have more Kinzcash than I coul ever spend on all accounts and have many other way to get kinzcash. As a long time player I am begging for less kinzcash prizes.

  3. jeter12 says:

    Does anyone know why the sand tile was taken off the vacation wheel? It was only there a short time and I was hoping to get a few more.

  4. kin2832 says:

    Also love the dress, baseball jersey, and tech work uniform!!!:)

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