Webkinz Wheel Prizes Updated!


Spin the Wheel of WOW for the chance to win Fashion Week 2 clothing pieces! Here’s a look at what else you can win from our prize wheels:


 Available on the Wheel of WOW until June 1:




Available on the Wheel of WOW (mobile) until June 1:




Available on the Wheel of Deluxe until June 1:




Available on the Vacation Island Wheel until June 1:



Ask your parents for help downloading the Webkinz Classic Desktop App and installing it on your computer.


Downloading the app is simple. Just visit the Webkinz homepage, and click one of the download buttons. There is a version for Windows and a version for Mac.



When the download has completed click on the wxsetup.exe in Windows or wxsetup.dmg on Mac in your Downloads folder and follow the prompts.


Once it is installed, you’re all set! You can continue to enjoy the same game you know and love!


43 Responses to Webkinz Wheel Prizes Updated!

  1. mojo18x2 says:

    same old clothes, disapointed.

  2. SavvyCub15 says:

    I would love to get the dress from the vacation wheel, but I’m not Deluxe. :(

  3. Rebathedog says:

    I love how the wheel prizes always change! There are always new and fun things to collect. Thanks Webkinz!!! We HEART you!

  4. unikitty11_ says:

    I really want that Pink Blazer, Webkinz Rainbow Butterfly Wings, and that rainbow heart shirt! But, I can’t get them because I don’t play on mobile )’: . Very disappointed.

  5. ojibwa says:

    I got the hamster thing the first day!!!

  6. alucard says:

    The May Wheel prizes are fairly nice. I do LOVE ALL the prizes on the Vacation WOW! Wish all the Wheels had prizes as nice as those.

  7. mckinney122 says:

    These all look amazing!

  8. Ruby09 says:

    Noooo I’m not deluxe so I can’t spin the vacation wheel so I can’t get that gorgeous dress

  9. KSC says:

    Another great round of prizes on the wheels!

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