Welcome to the NEW Webkinz!


Learn to play the new Webkinz game:



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31 Responses to Welcome to the NEW Webkinz!

  1. bonesbongo says:

    Not sure how to remove the username and password from the game, have tried back spacing so it is blank logging out and log back in the information is still there. This information was entered when I was on Beta Testing group. Why doesn’t it go blank when logging out and quitting the game. Is it safe to use and click the Clear Cache button?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Yes, you can use the Clear Cache button safely. If you really need to clear that username and password field, delete them, then click the I’m New button and then quit the game. When you reload it should be blank

  2. bonesbongo says:

    Couple of questions…Diamonds are not for sale at the eStore, how and where do you purchase? Do the diamonds ever go on sale?

  3. tema says:

    All my growing vegetables disappeared? Are they only good for a certain period of time?

  4. greencar says:

    Thank you for this podcast! I learned a lot about the new game and I am more excited than I was before!!! Can’t wait to see what comes next! One request-please make the snow go away!!!!! Can’t wait to see beautiful green grass!

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