What’s New at eStore this Weekend!

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Catch some of the new stuff being offered at Ganz eStore.

This bounding pet has a personality as big as its gigantic ears! The Floppy Eared Bunny likes to zoom around Webkinz World in its Carrot Car and visit friends. After a busy day, indulge your bunny in a few Frozen Carrot Pops!
Take on the extremely wacky Ice Cream Cannon! All is fair in love and ice cream with this new Wacky Webkinz World item! Ice cream battles aren’t very dangerous but they are extremely tasty — so bring your appetite!

You can find a new Wacky Webkinz World item each month at Ganz eStore.

The new Sleeping Sensations Cozy Country Bed is a farmer’s delight! Lay back, relax and count the twinkling stars above your farm. Who would have thought curling up on the hood of a tractor would be so comfortable?

You can find a new Sleeping Sensations Bed each month at Ganz eStore.

Find these and more all at Ganz eStore!

74 Responses to What’s New at eStore this Weekend!

  1. tyson says:

    I like the Estore

  2. Stormstar says:

    Those r awesome, i LOVE the bunny, bunnies r my fave animal, besides cats :)

    The ice cream cannon looks like u can eat the whole thing \Y\U\M!


  3. Jack says:

    The ice cream cannons like yummy! Too bad I dont have estore.

  4. emily says:

    sweet idea! make more beds like a blush container

  5. Anberlin says:

    I LUUV THEM ALL!!!!! The bunny is precious! The Bed rocks! And l sure hope u can eat icecream!

  6. Sweetbow says:

    I’m sick of the “only for webkinz estore” things. I don’t have the estore and now that I’ve looked through the estore, I REALLY want loads and loads of estore things. I wish that there was no estore and all the estore stuff was also available at the W-Shop. :-(

  7. baerfeet says:

    you do a heart by doing greater than sign (<) then a three so <3

  8. Quala98 says:

    i dnt have any e store points i wish i did sounds cool though

  9. RainyDay says:

    Cool! Wish I had e-store!

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