Hot rocks







What you need:

-          Smooth rocks

-          Crayons with paper wrappers removed

-          Oven mitts

-          Adult Assistant

-          Plastic cutting board to work on


You will need an adult assistant to help you with this craft.


What you do:

1.       Have your adult assistant preheat your oven to 350°.

2.       Heat rocks for 15 minutes and, reminding your adult assistant to use oven mitts, transfer to plastic cutting board.

3.       Being careful not to touch hot rocks, ‘paint’ the rocks with crayons (the crayon wax will melt when it touches the hot rock and make a beautiful design on the rock!)

4.       Don’t touch the rocks until they’re totally cool.

29 Responses to Hot rocks

  1. mjlover says:

    hot topic!!!! hot rocks how did u heat it????? the rock is soooo hot that it made everyone jealous!!!!! LOL : D

  2. Bruslykids says:

    COOL wait does it make a mess

  3. imeeyore says:

    They are super cool!!!!!!!When I get time I’ll make some!!!!!!! imeeyore (FRIEND ME) :o)

  4. Anberlin says:

    l like it! l am learing how to paint animals on rocks too!!!! l’ll try it sometime! Pretty awesome. l like rocks!!…

    “… And we Dance.”


  5. Sukhman says:

    The way they said “don’t touch the rocks until they’re totally cool” makes it sound like “until the rocks are completely awesome, don’t touch them.” LOL

  6. mistymoon says:

    I LOVE THESE ROCKS! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    ***misty moon

  7. Cat101 says:

    I am going to do mine in like a birthstone theme and it is going to be for my class. {I need 20 then, crap!} It will also be in a nice little box that will be decorated and tissue paper will be in the bottom. Can’t wait. Well that’s my idea. Be free to copy.
    ~~Cat101~~ ;)

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