What’s Next In Webkinz Next – November

Here’s what you can expect to see this November!

  • Nov 5 – Last day of Season 7
  • Nov 6 – Season gap day
  • Nov 7 – Season 8 begins
  • Nov 20-27 – Thanksgiving Community Challenge
  • Nov 24 – Thanksgiving gift
  • Nov 26 – Player appreciation gift

40 Responses to What’s Next In Webkinz Next – November

  1. bonesbongo says:

    This is off topic since the update was done today the MAPLE TREE on Next no longer branches with leaves, just a tree truck with branches and a pink blob. There is a problem with the connection I am constantly get message Lost Connection with Gamer Server it is a lot worse than last week when the ghost started. It is very hard to feed your pet and increase their health when your constantly be logged out.

    • claibornefarm says:

      bones, me too, not just that, some flooring is blue. I get flashes when Im at home, and I logged back in later on and I was booted out of Tile Towers, and it booted me out completely of Webkinz.

  2. Ajoy65 says:

    I have a random question. I am trying to buy the season pass but it only shows the states in the US as an address. I am in Canada. How do you change it so that I can put my correct address in the information area. I cannot purchase anything when I can’t put my Canadian address. Thanks, Ajoy65

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      It’s not set on our end — it’s based on the location of your device or your account. You may need to contact the applicable app store for help with changing your location.

  3. OtterPikaLove says:

    Is anyone else having an issue completing the season task, “dress your pet in a Halloween costume”? I have dressed them up several times but it is not working. Has anyone got it to work? Or, is it just me?

  4. Rachelgirl says:

    I have a question that I have always wanted to ask: When we change our password on Classic, and we have a linked account, do we also have to change it on Next, or use the new password immediately, or how does it work?

  5. BH1464 says:

    I have not been able to log in to Next since before Season 6 was finished. It is not my computer. It is not my internet connection. I have cleared my cache. I have even uninstalled Webkinz Next and reinstalled the program. After waiting 3-5 minutes to try to sign in, I get a message “connection issue” flashing on my screen. The yellow area around the “Play” stays muted instead of highlighted in bright yellow. Every other program and/or App works. The only thing I can not do is sign in to Next. What else could possibly be the issue?

  6. Bedford says:

    I need help. When I first went to the farmers market I never received my farmers plot. I can’t even buy one. Could you help me please

  7. BeezKneez says:

    Ganz – thanks for creating all the activities, but Please give us a break after season 8. By then we will be in the long holiday season and I, for one, do not feel it necessary to have another season until the beginning of the New Year. I realize that participation in the seasons is optional, but sometimes it just seems like a never ending list of chores to do. Please consider this – thank you.

    • Rachelgirl says:

      I feel the same. I do like the seasons and the activities and cool prizes we can win, but it IS really strenous if there is one season after the other, especially when some tasks take so long (waiting for ghost, having to do 3 fantastic flowers etc).

      • Zooooooz says:

        Noooo! Keep the seasons coming! :)

        • BoulderPrarieHome says:

          I agree, keep them coming. I am so glad that Week 5 of the Seasons offers so many options to get points. I need a break from trying to find the ghost in Next. Glad to just get this Season over with. Prizes were great!

      • ringneck1 says:

        What bothers me is it seems impossible to get to the super duper (free) prize at the end of the season without: a) baby pet and b) playing absolutely every single day. I’m surprised that the number of points between tiers goes up without being properly reflected on the horizontal line.

        • Sally Webkinz says:

          Lots of people can manage without having their own baby or completing the tasks. For the daily task, just visit a friend and borrow their baby. If you don’t have a friend with a baby, add me — I have lots. Fire Shadowglow 1

    • wk2nd says:

      I love the seasons! I have been waiting for the holiday Christmas one. I definitely want them to keep coming!

  8. taybabes says:

    My Webkinz Next account in the app won’t let me access it. It allows me to log in, but then the loading screen stops at “Main Character.” I tried multiple sources of WiFi, as well as restarting my phone. I welcomed a new baby into the family yesterday, so that may have something to do with it. How can I access my account?

  9. RRB says:

    Season 7 is hard to complete. :(

    • Blue57Star says:

      I know! They seem to have upped the difficulty/cost of the challenges this time. The get 3x A+ on pop quizzes feels impossible as I almost always get a question wrong, and the make a dreamy daybed challenge is very expensive to complete and I’m saving all my kinzcash to get things from the glampire theme as it is limited time. Difficult seasons challenges really takes the enjoyment out of the event for me as it feels like a chore to complete instead of a fun event based around little challenges.

  10. leaveitnow41s says:

    I love WEBKINZ! You certainly keep me busy.

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