Which Tree Should the Squirrels Choose?

Healthy Harvest Hawthorne Enchanted Tree

A family of Cinnamon Squirrels is new to Webkinz and they want to build their new home! While they really want to recreate a lush forest like the one where they were born, the Cinnamon Squirrels know it takes time to build up a whole forest so they want to start by planting a nice sapling in their new home.

Healthy Harvest Hawthorne Enchanted Tree
After shopping around Ganz eStore for the perfect sapling, they found one they all like – the Healthy Harvest Hawthorne Enchanted Tree! But there’s a problem – now that the family has picked out their sapling, they can’t agree on how to decorate it before they place it in their home.

Healthy Harvest Hawthorne Enchanted Tree


Healthy Harvest Hawthorne Enchanted Tree

A sapling turns into a beautiful tree. You simply drag the sapling into your pet’s room and it opens up an interface that let you choose from 3 different treetops, trunks and bases. Scroll through your options and make your selections, and next thing you know you have a unique tree to place in your pet’s room!

The Cinnamon Squirrels can’t wait to put their new Healthy Harvest Hawthorne Enchanted Tree in their home, but how are they going to decide?


Check out the trees the family has designed here:

Tree #1

Tree #2

Healthy Harvest Hawthorne Enchanted Tree

Want to see more enchanted saplings? Check them out at Ganz eStore and in the W Shop!

26 Responses to Which Tree Should the Squirrels Choose?

  1. 1Emerald1 says:

    Too many cool choices here! (Webkinz World problems!) For the squirrels, I think the best choice would be the weather vane canopy (so they’ll know when the wind changes), the horn-of-plenty trunk (for extra squirrel treats) and any of those bases would be awesome, but I’m going with the pumpkin patch for extra seasonal joy! I really like this tree, time to visit the estore.

  2. twinners1 says:

    Cool! I like the third top, second trunk, and first base!

  3. frogmom says:

    Since they are squirrels, the barn and silo to store nuts, the swing for the fun, and either the corn or pumpkins to gnaw on (they don’t share well.) Since I’m not quite as squirrelly (debatable) I’d go for the weathervane and pumpkin patch. OK, what is that thing on the third trunk?

  4. KSC says:

    I love the enchanted saplings. This one has some especially nice options.

  5. AUNT09 says:

    I like all 3 designs of the Healthy Harvest Enchanted Tree. I remember back many years ago, ganz would put all the enchanted saplings in the park once a year for all us to see. And each tree had a story about it. All the enchanted saplings are beautiful. Seeing the saplings all ready done are a sure item to sell. These would look very nice in the park to show them off all ready made. I’m getting another one for sure. Thank You

  6. plentyofpenguins22 says:

    I would choose the middle treetop and base, and the last base with the pumpkins. Simple, but still cute for fall!

  7. alucard says:

    Love this tree! It will be hard to pick just one design! Wish we could change the look of the tree whenever we wanted. I think there was once a Christmas tree where we could change the top, ornaments, and base, of the tree anytime you wanted. It will be hard deciding which treetop, trunk, or base to use! I actually have a couple of other trees in my dock, cause I can’t decide which design to use. Ha! :-)

    • frogmom says:

      I have that tree. I think it was from the mini figures they made way back when. Maybe the xmas ornament ones? I wish you could redecorate the saplings too. I haven’t committed on all my trees either.

  8. Springshimmer says:

    Aww, that tree looks cute! ^-^ I quite like the colors on it!

  9. LovesStaffordshires says:

    This is a hard one as I LOVE all three bases. If I had to choose only one I would do the base & trunk on the right & the middle tree. Pittiesrule

  10. CrowNo7 says:

    I like the first tree top, the first trunk, and the third base! Pretty cool

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