Win a Smoothie Moves Trophy on Mobile!



Did you know that you can now play Smoothie Moves on the Webkinz mobile app?



We recently added the game to the mobile arcade, with one special bonus: each time you complete level 10, you’ll win a Smoothie Moves Trophy!








There’s also a chance of earning a prize drop if you get a great score. Arcade drop prizes include Pet Medallions!


This game is available for FREE to all players. The current version on will remain the same for now so as not to affect any Challenges or Adventure Park quests involving the game.


Don’t have the Webkinz mobile app yet? It’s available to download for FREE at both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store!


Have YOU played Smoothie Moves on mobile yet? Let us know in the comments below!


20 Responses to Win a Smoothie Moves Trophy on Mobile!

  1. sillygatito says:

    WWOW… i remember doing smoothie mooves late at night, , and it took HOURS.. to get to the last level. its becuz,, each level that i did got more and more LAGGY as time passed.. i made so many combos and passed many levels, and then! when it was level 9 (or lvl10?) i thought to myself (if i dont reach the last level or something then im stopping after this level…) i was so sleepy @_@ and then when i got passed lvl 10.. it gave me a trophy. i was kind of surprised and relieved that i finally finished the game ….it was 4AM when i was finished.. it actually took hours to play bcuz the game was so SLOW! but im happy to have finished it woOOHOOO ^_^

  2. bananasbw says:

    I have issues playing games on my iPad because it affects my eyes causing strain to them then leaving me with side effects like blurred vision & headaches BUT I want the Smoothie Moves trophy. So yesterday I decided to play it on the computer limiting to 3 tries only. I couldn’t believe it when I actually completed level 10 :) I was so excited & unfortunately no trophy is awarded. That’s okay though, I’m just happy to have finally made it to that level.

  3. sambear says:

    Hello Webkinz fans. I was wondering if anyone else won the trophy on Smoothie Moves (mobile) but did not get it. I just played it and twice I cleared level 10 but it did not give me a trophy.

  4. Fanaty says:

    i love trophies yay!

  5. ilovemoonie says:

    Ooh, nice! :D I went and played Smoothie Moves on mobile yesterday after reading this post, and I actually made it to level 10 and got the trophy on my first try! I was not expecting that at all, because the best I’d ever done before that was maybe level 7 XD

  6. kitterztoo says:

    Please put Goober’s Lab on mobile! I know it can be a game that is adapted for the app. Might not get all the voice lines in, or his actions, but I know it’s possible to do. Also, it would be great to enter codes and accept friend requests too. Please?!

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