First of all – thank you again to everyone who entered our 2017 Pet Design Contest. We can’t say enough how difficult it has been to choose a winner. There were almost 900 amazing entries which we narrowed down to a list of ten wonderful finalists. We read your comments and we discussed it among our team.


We decided to go with a unique pet based on a real animal that we think will make a great addition to the Webkinz family. The adorable Axolotl by Taydarsauce is our winning design and will be available in the eStore starting on Webkinz Day 2017.


pet design contest pet design contest

Congratulations to Taydarsauce who will receive a Pet Design Trophy, 1 Year of Deluxe, and a code for the Axolotl when it becomes available.


And congratulations to our 9 runners up and 1 honorable mention who will each receive 1 month of Deluxe. Look for a message at the email associated with your GanzWorld account by end of day tomorrow.


Please join us in congratulating Taydarsauce! And do you have suggestions for a PSI and PSF for the Axolotl? Taydarsauce made some suggestions that we will take into consideration but we would love to hear your ideas too. Let us know in the comments below.

178 Responses to WINNER ANNOUNCED!!!

  1. milkycreme says:

    Will it be a plush??

  2. ecf says:

    I checked my email again and my junk folder and there were no emails. I emailed Webkinz support. Thank you for all you help and time Mandy and Sally! I appreciate it!

  3. criss999 says:

    Congratulations Taydarsauce love it

  4. webkinzfan91 says:

    This is so awesome! My fiance loves Axolotls, so I plan on getting this Webkinz to adopt for him!

    • taydarsauce says:

      I’m so glad my design will make people happy like that. I hope he enjoys it!

      • greenmagic77 says:

        Hey taydarsauce my pics are on now if you want to see them. They are called YAYYY Tayrdarsauce, 2017 sea and water pets, 2017 bugs, 2017 pet contest,… I hope you like them! I plan on getting your pet! I hope its not expensive though. I’m planning on getting 20,000 restore points. Thanks for your design! I love it! :-)

  5. neongum says:

    Congratulations Taydarsauce!

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