Winter Penguin Room in Clubhouse!


Happy New Year! This year we’re celebrating Webkinz penguins with a special new room in the Clubhouse! There’s a fun new wintery room that features fun Penguin PSIs that you can drive around and ride on!


Plus, during January, this room features this year’s Winterfest grand prize – the Winterfest Food Truck! Collect a free sample of food from the truck every day in January!


Every day is penguin day in the Clubhouse!


10 Responses to Winter Penguin Room in Clubhouse!

  1. gweniejane says:

    It pictured the truck as my prize but the spice cake was what I got.

  2. Mummabean says:

    wonderful! thank you

  3. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:


  4. KSC says:

    This is a well-designed room! I love visiting and riding the different vehicles.

  5. ojibwa says:

    I have plenty of food trucks, but you can never have too many penguins!

  6. Morninglight says:

    Cute Room

  7. jjp123 says:

    Love that food truck!

  8. choover143 says:

    I am loving the prizes. Thank you!

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