Collect Candy Canes in Webkinz Friends & Win!


The holiday season is in full swing in Kinzville this year! Collect Candy Canes by harvesting buildings and crops and you could win lovely holiday prizes to send back to! When you reach certain milestones, you’ll receive a pretty Webkinz Friends Christmas Gift Box…


…to send back to and open up!


Plus, collect all 250 Candy Canes to receive an amazing grand prize: a Santakinz Sleigh Ride Coaster that your pets can ride!


67 Responses to Collect Candy Canes in Webkinz Friends & Win!

  1. tarasupergirl says:

    HOW DO I JOIN???? I’ve been try’n FOREVER!

  2. elvira says:

    when does it end?

  3. pewdiepie54537 says:

    I’m sooo sad! we just moved so our internet did not work for a few days, and the next thing i know, i miss all these awesome contest!!! D:

  4. lolakokanon says:

    Idk when it starts but i thought it said the 12 or somethin but i dont wanna read it right now….

  5. trophyv says:

    i wish it was in my magic yard because in is so cool it would look pretty by my clould meshen maker

  6. trophyv says:

    no i mean 226

  7. trophyv says:

    i just need 50 candy canes left till the grand prize it looks amazing

  8. caramia123kinz says:

    Where are all the floating candy canes ?! I need some !! lol

  9. cutiepie9 says:

    I want that but never will

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