365 Days of Give-A-Ways Continues!


Look for the floating icon here on Webkinz Newz and click on it to claim your daily prize. The icon will look like the prize being awarded that day:



Don’t miss a day of the 365 Days of Give-A-Ways on Webkinz Newz! How many prizes have you collected this year? Please leave your comments below…


88 Responses to 365 Days of Give-A-Ways Continues!

  1. Bugz7H says:

    Awe I love them! ❤

  2. Newgirl908 says:

    Love the 11th

  3. teeballboyc says:

    The daily prizes aren’t floating by. Does anyone know why? I have waited for over an hour on some days. These used to work for me. HELP!!!

  4. judesjar says:

    My favorites were July 7 and 8, but I couldn’t get in during those 2 days. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks in advance.

  5. 01Franca2000 says:

    I love the prizes! My fav are next weeks fri., sat., sun. prizes. they are so cute! <3

  6. tarayvonne says:

    No floaties here either, for two days now I haven’t seen one and I’ve popped in multiple times of day.

  7. NerdKitty567 says:

    Anybody have an extra bathing suit from the 11th? If so my username is NerdKitty567!

  8. Shante9710C says:

    Hi Ganz, I love the most recent prizes but I have a question. I read an article on Webkinz Newz, that I cannot find anymore, that said the fence from Wednesday the 8th was not awarded to the accounts because of a glitch and would be floating around on Thursday the 9th along with the prize for that day. I searched for it at several different times yesterday and found the marshmallow and balloons but no fence. Did I just miss it or is the fence going to be awarded at a later date? Thanks.

  9. j1k1s1 says:

    I’m not seeing any prizes float by. Only marshmallows. I really want the 10 11 12 items

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