Creative Team’s Choice


The Webkinz creative team voted for their favorite room design and I am pleased to announce that Mynoey’s Road Rally room won the Creative Team’s Choice Award!


We all loved your design… your countryside farm overlooking Kinzville is truly beautiful and the road rally race is a great touch. This design really tells a story (by the way, we all really want to know who ended up winning the race :P).



Congratulations again Mynoey! Remember to check your inbox for an email from me. Please reply with your account name and we will add the Room Design Trophy to your Dock.



13 Responses to Creative Team’s Choice

  1. Islaalwayz says:

    Mynoey my friend! Congratulations on your awesome room! Can’t wait to see your trophy. :)

  2. Nattie says:

    Congratulations on your well deserved trophy win. Can’t wait to see more of your of your rooms!

  3. cmsrockz1 says:

    congrats…. I love it, it was my pick….wonderful job….cmsrockz

  4. mynoey2 says:

    Thank you, Creative Team! I have tremendous respect for the talent and creativity you bring to the game and being your choice is a special honor. That trophy will have a very special place in my trophy room. Thank you also, fellow players, for your kind words. They’re much appreciated! As to who won the race…Road Rally was designed right before St. Patrick’s Day. Since that is a favorite holiday for me, the winner was Liam of Team Green!

  5. kittypoo says:

    Congrats, ift’s a great room!!

  6. Beckinz8 says:

    ~Mynoey, your Road Rally room is a fabulous idea, and your choice of wallpaper was both perfect and stunning. I really get the feeling that the drivers are racing through the countryside, and a lucky farmer gets to pause during his busy day on his apple farm, and enjoy a little excitement! Great job! (I’m secretly rooting for team purple for a come-from-behind win!)

  7. alsameja says:

    Congratulations, Mynoey, this room was amazing. I just loved everything you included Enjoy your well deserved trophy!! :-)

  8. roseanne says:

    Congratulations Mynoey on your Great room….it is very deserving of a Trophy Award!

  9. lmw281 says:

    Congratulations Mynoey, Love your room Design!

  10. grandpopslibra says:

    And the winner of the race is: MyNoey in her Irish outfit!!

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