Creative Team’s Choice Award


The Webkinz Creative Team had a hard time deciding on a winner but, I am pleased to announce that Grandpopslibra’s Star Night At The Observatory won the Creative Team’s Choice Award!


We all agreed that this was a very unique design that was pieced together perfectly. Congratulations Grandpopslibra… you won a Room Design Trophy!



Your trophy will be automatically added to your account, but please allow a few days for it to arrive. Congratulations again Grandpopslibra!



14 Responses to Creative Team’s Choice Award

  1. grandpopslibra says:

    Thank all of you for your kind comments. I was so thrilled to be among the finalists. This was the first time that I had submitted a room design, at the urging of my friends (lol). What a pleasant surprise to have the Creative Team recognize my efforts. It took a lot of trial and error before finding just the right combination. I also am honored to be among many other fantastic designers in the finals. Take care to all.

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