Free Bonus Play Every Day!



From June 18 – 28, get a Bonus Play of Jumbleberry Fields every day, just for logging in to your Webkinz World account! Your Bonus Play will be automatically added to your account as soon as you log in and can be redeemed in the Games Arcade.


Here’s How to play:


Look for Jumbleberry Fields in the Games Arcade and click on it to play. During the game you will need to group berries together and score them in a category listed below your jars:



At the end of each game, you’ll be awarded berries that you can feed to your pet for the chance of winning a prize OR use them to fill up your Jars of Preserves:



Each time you fill up a Jar of Preserves you can trade it for a prize of your choice. Click the SHOW PRIZES button in the top right corner of the screen to see each prize:



What is the highest score you’ve earned playing Jumbleberry Fields? Have you ever filled a Jar of Moonberrries? Please leave your comments below…



21 Responses to Free Bonus Play Every Day!

  1. blindfold11201 says:

    I believe my highest score was 124 yesterday. I had been listening to ?Michael? in the Podcast 62 I think. He was giving a class on how to win & get a high score in JumbleBerry Fields. That date would have been June 22, 2016. So I tried to apply what he said and I did very good! Wouldn’t you say!?!!

  2. baloney18 says:

    Not sure what my highest score is, but I recently got a basket of 5 moonberries. Thought that was pretty cool

  3. JE1847 says:

    My highest is 158! And I’ve only filled a jar of moonberries once, but I have 68 right now.

  4. doingmydailies says:

    Free Bonus Play! That’s great! I know I’ve gotten something like 155 or somewhere close to that. ;)

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