Happy Summer Sensation!


Hello everyone,


Today is Summer Sensation! I want to wish you a wonderful day bursting with sunshine and fun!


Be sure to log into Webkinz.com today to receive your Summer Sensation gift, a lovely Summer Lounge Chair!



And remember, today’s the final day of the Berry Festival, so you can still look for floating berries too!


Plus, spin the Super Wheel today only by visiting Today’s Activities! You could win one of the prizes below.





Have a fantastic day,


Kinzville Mayor


70 Responses to Happy Summer Sensation!

  1. doingmydailies says:

    I won the Swan Boat Car! I don’t really like it. In fact, I think I already have one. If anyone wants to trade their prize for mine, my username is bunnylit. We can be friends and trade.

  2. starblossom10 says:

    ganz plz help!!!! i got the lounge chair this morning and now it is not in my dock. also half the things i have in my dock is gone. plz plz plz plz help ganz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. spunkygirl says:

    I didn’t receive my Summer Sensation gift! I was looking forward to getting the lounge chair, but it’s nowhere in my dock. Help please!

    • SignatureIsland says:

      If you still don’t get it, I’ll send you one. I have 3 different accounts so I have 3 chairs. Reply back here within 3 days and if you still don’t get yours I’ll send you one.

  4. winterwarriorwolf says:

    I got the swan boat! (:

  5. Ikawolf says:

    I really wanted the fresh water fountain. Is there any other way to get it..?

  6. ca10lu says:

    I really wanted the clock, tree, or fountain but I got another bookshelf. Anyone want to trade?

  7. fizzypop2001 says:

    almost all of my accounts got the lounger and kinzcash??????

  8. SignatureIsland says:

    I got a swan car. REALLY? And my sis got KinzCash. She HATES not getting an actual item. They should put up old rare items not EXCLUSIVE PRIZES!

  9. fairy16flower says:

    I love the summer lounge chair, it’s so pretty, I want to put it in one of my gardens! I have all the summer sensation prizes from 2012-2015

  10. lcaddy says:

    anyone have the wading pool for trade?

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