Learn How To Link Your Webkinz Accounts!


Players can already send items from their Webkinz Next accounts back to Webkinz Classic, but this year’s Acorn Collection event is extra special! As you unlock this year’s prizes on Webkinz Classic, they will be automatically sent to your Webkinz Next account the very next day, as long as both accounts are linked!


Linking your accounts is easy – just log in to Webkinz Next using the same username and password that you already use for Classic. And if you don’t have a Classic account, you can create one using your Next username and password! It’s that simple!



To send items back to Classic, look for the moving van at the bottom of your Dock when you’re logged into Next, and click on it. Now you can select which items you want to send.


Not all items are available to be sent back to Classic, so we’ve included a handy checkbox that isolates the items you can currently send. Certain items even offer the option to buy a duplicate before sending them off.



Now hit ‘Send’ and that’s it! The next time you log into Classic, you’ll see a message in the Message Center letting you know your item has been added to your Dock.


You can start collecting Acorns from your Kinzville Map on Webkinz Classic on September 1, but the prizes your earn won’t be sent back to Webkinz Next until our next update during the second week of September. So, if you don’t have a Webkinz Next account that is linked to your Webkinz Classic account, there is still time to create one!





  • Acorn Collection prizes will be added to your linked Webkinz Next account following our latest updated on Webkinz Next. Stay tuned to Webkinz Newz to find out when this feature goes live.

  • Your Acorn prize will be automatically added to your Webkinz Next Dock the day after you unlock it on Webkinz Classic. You will not be sent a notification that the prize has been added to your account.

  • If you create a linked Webkinz Next account after this feature goes live, you will not be given credit for the Acorn Collection prizes that you have previously unlocked. So, make sure you create a linked account before our update during the second week of September.



Are your Webkinz accounts linked? Let us know in the comment section below…


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4 Responses to Learn How To Link Your Webkinz Accounts!

  1. ZadiraMM says:

    I didn’t play classic for years but then started Next with a new user. Is there a way to link them up? I couldn’t remember the account info for classic but now I found my little paper with the info on it. I have logged in to my old classic account and was astounded how much had changed. LOL Not sure if connecting them together is possible. Hope so, though.

  2. grandmaback says:

    This will be wonderful if it works. Hopefully we can send other items to Next from Classic also.

  3. kadielle says:

    Does the item remain in Classic also and duplicate sent to Next? Or are they all sent to Next and we have to send them back to Classic?

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