Michael’s Choice


Congratulations Gingerella96! I picked your room, and you have won a Room Design Trophy!


The day this design arrived in my inbox, I knew that it would be a winner! We have seen miniature villages used in room designs in the past, but adding the pet riding the Parachute Gilder really adds to the illusion and makes us feel as though we are floating above Kinzville and not just glancing at a beautifully designed landscape. I am afraid of heights, but this room gives off a calming vibe. I might just need to try paragliding myself! Well done Gingerella96. Brilliant!



Gingerella96, please check your inbox for an email that will explain how to get your trophy.



5 Responses to Michael’s Choice

  1. xamyspur says:

    This is the one I voted for also! Congrats!

  2. DebbieWebbie59 says:

    Congratulations Gingerella96! Glad you won! I voted for your room design! Really great job!

  3. treeflower says:

    Winter fun!!

  4. HorseQueen318 says:

    Brilliant. XD Reminds me of Black Gryph0n’s paragliding vlogs lol (I put the paraglider in my griffon Black Gryph0n’s rok.)

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